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How to repair laptops using schematics beginner to pro

How to repair laptops using schematics beginner to pro

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How to troubleshoot laptop motherboard using schematics.
Learn the most common faults on laptop motherboard.
How to read motherboard schematics.
How to track voltage using schemes on laptop motherboard.
Understand motherboard circuits working principle.

Basics of computer hardware

14 Reasons why you should choose this course
The course will teach you Everything about how to repair laptops using schematics step by step;
The course is created with perfect care by a computer eeer;
One-On-One Support;
The course is not long, so you can complete it in a short , and then enjoy your new experiences;
Your inquiries will be answered in a short with a full explanation of any question;
Simple and easy-to-understand explanation with examples;
A certificate will be provided upon completion of the course;
You going to understand laptop motherboard components and their symbols;
You will learn how to test and check motherboard power circuits step by step;
You going to learn how to identify motherboard circuits in any laptop motherboard;
You going to learn how to identify failed components in an easy way;
You will learn how to troubleshoot, isolate and fix motherboard failures using schematics;
You going to learn many tips, secrets, and tricks about how laptop repairing;
This course will transform you from a bner to a Pro.
Topics that we will be discussing in this course are
Learn how to use schematics in troubleshooting.
Understanding Laptop Power Sequence;
19V power rail studying in laptop motherboard;
3V/5V system power;
1.8V/1.5V Power system;
+VCCP system power;
+VCC_Core system power;
Power circuit & protection components analysis;
Charge circuit studying;
CPU circuit studying;
GMCH/PCH circuit studying;
ICH circuit studying;
RAM circuit studying;
Power switches ( power MOSFETs );
Charge IC;
Power switch troubleshoot;
Understanding the short circuit;
How to use the Multer in the correct way.
You will also learn many tips and tricks that will make you a hardware professional and have a deep understanding of Laptop motherboard repairing.
I will guide you step by step with an easy explanation along this course.
If you are interested in one of the points we talked about before, then this course is for you.
What are you waiting for
Enroll now and join us.
I'll love to see you in the class.

Hardware students and technicians;
Anyone who wants to understand How to troubleshoot & repair laptops using schematics

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