How to Read Schematics of Control and Protection Panel

How to Read Schematics of Control and Protection Panel

Total 8 Hours of online Course, 51 Lectures. Learn Directly from experienced field Engineer, Beginners Guide Part1
What you’ll learn:
Learn to Study Schematics Drawings / Wiring Diagram from beginner level
MCB and MCB Auxiliary Contacts
Normally Open and Normally Closed Contacts
AC Socket
Auxiliary Relay or Contactor
Change Over Contact
Terminal Block and Ferrules
Current Transformer
Voltage Transformer
Protection Philosophy
Main Relays
Input and output contacts
Relay Power Supply and watchdog contact
Protection,Control,LCC Panels
Circuit Breaker
Tripping Coil n Tripping Circuit
Lockout Relays
Flickering Relay
Discrepancy Switch
Timer Relay
Drawing Page Addressing Method
How to Read Cross References in Drawing
Closing Command, Circuit, Transfer of control
Understanding Concept of Loop
DC Supervision Relay, MCB Trip function
DC Supervision Relay, MCB Trip function Circuit
CT loop, VT loop Test Block
Test Block, Test Plug
Semaphore Indicators
lamp, Panel Limit Switch
Ansi, IEEE Codes
Temperature and humidity sensor
Selector Switch
Hooter, Siren, Bell
Annunciator Panel
Push Button, Lighting Arrestor, Surge Arrestor, Isolator, Transformer
Item Designation List
Drawing Title Block, Template
Symbol and legends in drawings
Single Line Diagram
General Arrangements
Heating and lighting Circuit
AC Alarm Circuit
DC Change Over Circuit
CT Circuit
Single Point Earthing and CT Star point
VT Circuit
Tripping, Lockout Relays, Close Block Circuit
Transformer Control, Tripping Circuit

Basic concepts of electrical engineering

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