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How to make great videos with NO video editing

How to make great videos with NO video editing

Published 12/2022
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How to make great videos, with NO video editing

What you’ll learn
Discover software to save time and improve video quality
Shoot a video without video editing
Quickly shoot videos
Not waste time on technical details and animate your videos

No experience is expected. The use of the software will be explained to you, tutorials will show you how, and you don’t need to invest in hardware. Just be motivated and that’s enough

Editing your videos takes a lot of time. Imagine how many hours you could save if you didn’t edit video at all? How many hours could you spend coming up with ideas, shooting videos, being creative and productive?Preparing effects and animations in advance and not editing them will save you thousands of hours of work and increase your productivity tenfold.This course teaches you how to use this new feature. In a few minutes, you will be able to structure your content on Keynote, with a preconfigured template, you’ll add your intro and outro videos, your titles, your bullet points and you’ll be ready to shoot. I have years of experience in producing videos from Keynote slides. You’ll get my own template ready-to-use. You just need to change the colours, put your logo and you are ready to produce professional videos, with bullet points and embedded images, all in real time.Imagine the number of videos you can produce with this technique… Imagine the number of lives you can influence by easily producing videos instead of struggling with technical details…This training shows you how to use this tool easily and free of charge to save thousands of hours of work. Don’t wait, and join the Marketing Automation Ninja team!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What video automation has done for me, and what it can do for you…

Lecture 2 Create beautiful videos by integrating your webcam into a keynote presentation

Lecture 3 Don’t reinvent the wheel by using template, ready to customize with your brand

Lecture 4 Discover how can you add zoom effects to your camera directly from your keynote

Lecture 5 Learn how you can record, save and share your keynote as a video with you inside

Lecture 6 How to add your own branding intro & outro to all your video & live presentation

Lecture 7 Discover how to share your screen while recording a video with animations

Lecture 8 How to blow your audience mind with live presentations full of beautiful effects

If you are looking to improve productivity and quality when shooting video, this course is for you. The objective is to make you discover the functionalities of a software to help you to gain months of work, and to bring dynamism to your videos


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