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How To Drive Massive Traffic & Sales To Your Business

How To Drive Massive Traffic & Sales To Your Business

Published 7/2022
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How To Drive Massive Traffic & Sales to your Business For Free Using Google My Business

What you'll learn
A better knowledge of Google My Business (GMB)
Ultimate reasons why a GMB account is needed
Step by step guide on how to create a Google My Business (GMB) account
Benefits of having a GMB account
A laptop or smartphone with internet connection
How To Drive Massive Traffic & Sales To Your Business For Free Using Google My BusinessDescriptionIt is a renowned fact that Google is one of, if not the best search engine in the world. A lot of people just make use of it to search for various information which is also good. However, do you know that it can be used to improve sales in your business?If you are curious to find out then this course is for you. This course helps introduce the platform termed Google my business to you and also helps you to learn its importance in improving your sales.One guaranteed way to drive massive traffic and sales is to have a Google My Business listing or to have it optimized, as it increases the visibility of your business, therefore, this course contains materials as well as a video which extensively explains how to optimize your Google My Business listing, making it easy for you to increase the reach and visibility of your business, which in turn drives a huge traffic and sales.You can also choose to offer it as a service to other local business owners.In this course, you will learn1. Introduction to the course overview2. The local context3. What is Google Business4-5. How to set it up6. Key features of Google My Business
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 The Local Context
Lecture 3 What is Google Business
Lecture 4 How to Set it up
Lecture 5 Key Features of Google My Business
Business owners and startups


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