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How To Build Grow & Monetise A Successful Blog in 2022

How To Build Grow & Monetise A Successful Blog in 2022

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Learn proven strategies to build, grow & monetise a blog with this complete step-by-step blueprint to blogging success

What you'll learn
Learn how to build your very own blog using a content management system called WordPress
Take your existing blog to the next level, from mediocre results to successful, financially driven results
Uncover your ultimate blogging niche/topic that you will not only be passionate about, but will be profitable, too
Understand how to write effectively, with attention-grabbing headlines and subheadings to keep your readers engaged and on your blog for longer
Follow my own personal strategy to uncover fresh, new content ideas that not only will people love, but comes with huge potential to make you money
Master my content generation system that will leave you with an endless stream of fresh content ideas
Uncover my writing techniques where I can write blog posts 10x faster by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence
Learn how you can build a team of content writers who can produce your blog post content for you
Learn how to successfully drive a consistent flow of web site traffic to your blog from the search engines, ready for you to monetise
Master how to optimise and structure your content so that the search engines will love you and rank your blog posts higher on their results pages
Uncover the most successful ways to monetise your blog so that you can improve your earning potential and capitalise on monthly earnings
Learn how to capture your website visitors email address and build an email list which you can monetise to generate revenue on demand
Learn how you can go on to blog full time and continue building your own profitable business that can become your very own revenue-generating machine
No existing experience required
Whether you are completely new to blogging or already have your own blog, you will learn everything from the basics to the advanced techniques to build a revenue-generating asset
The basics of setting up a blog requires you to purchase a domain name ($5-$20) and a basic hosting account (starting from as little as $1.99 per month). Don't worry - I will show you exactly how to purchases these!
Ricky is a business owner and entrepreneur, first finding success online with his blog - The Culture Hack - in early 2009 after just 18 months. Since then, Ricky has set up and managed over 18 blogs, alongside many other success stories in WordPress development, SEO and e-commerce.With over 9 hours of lectures, this feature-packed course is one of the most comprehensive blogging courses on Udemy and condenses over 12 years of experience working online. You will be learning from Ricky's personal experience, key takeaways and years of trial and error running successful blogs, learning every from proven SEO strategies to rank on the search engines, to Ricky's very own content-generation machine to unearth content ideas that are PROVEN to drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog ready for monetisation.Follow along on this course where you will learn;How to adopt a mindset for successHow to purchase a domain name, buy web hosting, and build a WordPress siteHow to write killer content ideas that your readers will loveHow to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to write your blog posts 10x fasterHow you can outsource and build a team of content writers for youHow to uncover proven content ideas and keywords to generate huge levels of monthly traffic to your blogHow to build, nurture and leverage an email list and turn it into a revenue-generating assetHow to transform a simple blog into a blossoming business that generates revenue on autopilotThe internet is absolutely brimming with blogs, but almost none of them are built with the mindset of transforming them into revenue-generating assets and businesses. Right from the start, you will learn how to adopt a business mindset, staying laser-focused and working on content and tasks that will ultimately earn you an income.Why should you start a blog yourself in 2022-2023?Perfect side hustle business - minimal up front costs with nothing but your time investedScale into full time business - grow your blog into a full time business and incomeLove what you do - write about content that you are passionate about and loveWork whenever you want - working for yourself, you can work whenever you want, as much as you wantWork from wherever you want - complete location freedom with just your laptop and internet connectionDon't just take my word for it - the content marketing (blogging) statistics speak for themselves;Industry valuation in 2021 - $65.66 billionForecasted Industry valuation by 2026 - $137.2 billionThe industry is set to double in size within the next 4 yearsMore and more businesses are uncovering the real value of content marketing (blogging) and now is the time for you to find your corner of success on the internetIf you have been thinking of starting your first blog or side hustle business, then there really is no better time to get started. This course will arm you with the skills and the mindset and walk you through the complete process of starting, growing, and monetising a blog with proven strategies that work. Everything you need, right here in this course.



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