Gumroad – Anatomy and Form in Blender – Sculpting Course

Gumroad – Anatomy and Form in Blender – Sculpting Course

To sculpt characters, stylized or realistic, a basic knowledge of anatomy and form is a must!
With this course, you will get 6+ hours of real time tutorials on sculpting a male character from a sphere to a full body male sculpt in Blender.
While sculpting a new male character in real time, I cover things like basic anatomy, proportions, showing you the skeleton underneath another male sculpt I did, how it affects the form, talk about muscles, shapes and more.
This course contains:
– An 11 part Video Tutorials WITH AUDIO (≈ 6H Total):
Part 00 – Blend Scene Intro
Part 01 – Blockout
Part 02 – Sculpting The Torso
Part 03 – Sculpting The Legs
Part 04 – Sculpting The Feet
Part 05 – Sculpting The Arms
Part 06 – Sculpting The Hands
Part 07 – Sculpting The Head
Part 08 – Adjustments
Part 09 – Refining The Body
Part 10 – Refining The Head
Part 11 – Final Touches
– Blend Files
This course focuses on anatomy and form. Minumum knowledge on how to sculpt with and navigate in Blender is required to avoid any confusion when following the “Anatomy and Form in Blender – Sculpting Course”.

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