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Growing Microgreens for Business and Pleasure

Growing Microgreens for Business and Pleasure

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Get a healthy body and wallet - Vertical Farming techniques for Gardeners and Entrepreneurs (Hydroponics and Soil)

What you'll learn

Grow one of the world's most profitable legal cash crops - using shelves and simple equipment
Apply marketing and selling techniques to get your products on the shelves
Use basic hydroponic and soil growing techniques
Start growing superfoods on a budget - for profit or pleasure
Avoid common pitfalls - learn from my mistakes!


Have a passion for healthy food
Have access to some space - indoors or on a windowsill
Have an interest in the future of food!


Welcome to the Micro green Toolkit. This is a how-to guide for growing microgreens on a shoestring, for health-conscious growers and budding entrepreneurs. I’ll pass on the lessons I’ve learned from years of growing and selling microgreens from my urban farm in England – so you can get started on a low budget and avoid making rookie mistakes.

Unlock your potential by growing an abundance of nutritious and profitable produce. Whether you’re in a city basement or out in the countryside, I’ll show you vertical-farming techniques to get the most from your growing space.

In this crash-course you’ll learn about:

· Basic equipment – for indoor and outdoor production

· Growing methods – using both soil and hydroponics

· Adapting to your local climate and situation

· Marketing and selling your produce

This step-by-step tutorial will empower you to get growing, no matter what your budget or where you live. So come and join the international microgreen revolution!
Who this course is for:

People with an interest in growing superfoods - with little to no experience of urban farming (not for experienced growers - although you might find some nuggets of wisdom here!)
Anyone looking to start a new business in a growing market.
People looking for a health kick!


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