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Freak Forex Technicals – Freak University

Freak Forex Technicals - Freak University

My name is Ken Chigbo, also known as 'Ken FX Freak'. I have a strong amount of passion and experience within the financial markets, over 10 years and counting.

I started by career as a market analyst, being sucked into; the movement of the markets, what dictates the fluctuations in pricing, economic and political dramas, making money from a fundamental or technical view on the market and much more. These were the sort of things that hooked me in.
During my time as an analyst, I had thousands of daily listen¬ers, carefully digesting everything I was observing across the market. Providing the necessary information to assist with a trader's activity, the additional tool for their funda¬mental and market theme requirements.
I was keen to start helping people, as the masses found large value in my ability to break things down for the everyday parson. Helping understand economics and fundamentals that are occurring globally.


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