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Excel, PowerPoint & Presentations for Investment Bankers

Excel, PowerPoint & Presentations for Investment Bankers

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Language: English | Size: 4.39 GB | Duration: 9h 29m

The mother of all Excel and PowerPoint courses, tailor-made for investment bankers!
What you'll learn

GET the general structure of Excel and what it is capable of
MANAGE Excel spreadsheets
MANAGE Excel rows and columns
MODIFY excel cells
CREATE links that save significant time and lower error margins
COPY and paste with various options
SORT and filter big data to work efficiently
Print excel files properly
USE basic operation formulas
USE statistical formulas
USE conditional formulas
USE count formulas
USE database formulas
USE text formulas
USE financial formulas
USE the most common excel keyboard shortcuts
MANAGE views, texts, tables, shapes and pictures in Power Point
USE PowerPoint Slide Master
MANAGE headers and footers in PowerPoint
MAKE 20+ graphs and charts in Excel that are widely used in investment banking presentations
MAKE some first class, clean and beautiful presentations including a teaser for Starbucks Corporation
There is absolutely no prerequisite!
The course will cover everything from scratch with extensive video explanations.
You will need Microsoft Excel and Power Point (in PC or Mac) and to be eager to learn.
About this Course

Excel, PowerPoint and Presentations for Investment Bankers covers the soft skill parts of Become an M&A Analyst: The Complete Skillset series.

This course offers 41 lectures across 3 sections and everything is done with almost 10 hours of extensive video content. There is also 9 supporting Excel and PowerPoint supporting documents including some first class presentations.

In this course, we will be covering all the Excel and Power Point skills necessary become an investment banking analyst.

What should you expect from this course?

Students/Career Changers

You will be able use Excel like a pro, as if you have been working in the industry for a few years
Deliver first class presentations using the most well-know methods and tricks

Junior Employees

You will get better and faster in Excel and PowerPoint, eyeing your promotion
Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs

You will develop super useful Excel and PowerPoint skills to make your daily business much more efficient
Who this course is for:
Ambitious undergraduate and masters students - regardless of their major - who want to pursue a career in investment banking/ M&A advisory.
Junior investment bankers, consultants, venture capitalists and equity analysts who want to hone their skills.
Business executives / owners / entrepreneurs who want to learn about corporate finance and M&A process.

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