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Etabs Level 1/2 – For Structural Engineering

Etabs Level 1/2 – For Structural Engineering

Last updated 8/2019
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What you’ll learn
They will be able to develop a Seism-resistant Structures Project in Cut Walls
Detailed reinforcement in cutting walls
Basic knowledge in particular, or having seen the course: Specialization in Structural Engineering with ETABS 2016.2.0
The objective of the course is to provide the participant with the basic and advanced tools of the modeling program, not only will a Design of the structural elements of the building be reached, the building will also be analyzed based on the detailed plans, using the tool most powerful in the market in the development of structural projects software CSI ETABS UltimateIn this project the structural calculation of an 8-level building for housing use will be carried out, with the incorporation of the ladder in the model, elevator, and cutting walls that is the main focus of this course.The internal spreadsheets of the CSI ETABS Ultimate software will be explained in detail. Depending on the ACI 318-14 standard. The detailed structural elements (Cutting Walls) in the AUTOCAD software will be reached.Content:Lecture 1: IntroductionLecture 2: Definition of grid and materialsLecture 3: Definition of cracked sections in columnsLecture 4: Definition of cracked sections in beamsLecture 5: Definition of cracked walls and factor system CDLecture 6: Drawing of columns, beams, walls and slabsLecture 7: Staircase drawing and assignment of escale loadsLecture 8: Load assignment to the elevator and malled of wallLecture 9: Generalities of wall and assignment of rigid diaphragmLecture 10: NSR-10 Design spectrumLecture 11: NSR-10 P2 Design spectrumLecture 12: NSR-10 P3 Design spectrumLecture 13: Design spectrum in ETABS NSR-10Lecture 14: Definition of mass, number of modes, standard NSLecture 15: 15 method 30%, SRSS load combinationsLecture 16: Load combinations, participatory massLecture 17: Generalities in beams and columnsLecture 18: Derivative verificationLecture 19: Correction of dynamic cut vs static P1Lecture 20: Correction of dynamic cut vs static P2Lecture 21: Correction of dynamic cut vs static P3Lecture 22: Cutting walls ACI318-14Lecture 23: Cutting walls ACI318-14 P2Lecture 24: ETABS Cutting wallsLecture 25: Detailed in drawings, wall of PB. P1Lecture 26: Detailed in drawings, wall of PB. P2Lecture 27: Detailed in drawings, wall of P1Lecture 28: Detailed in drawings, P2 wallLecture 29: Detailed in drawings, P3 wallLecture 30: Analysis of the walls P1 assigned to ETABSLecture 31: Analysis of the walls P2 assigned to ETABSLecture 32: Analysis of the walls assigned to ETABSLecture 33: Combination of walls with columns in ETABS#AulaGEOThe course is in English and contains subtitles in the following languages, German, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Danish, French, Greek, Dutch, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Persian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.


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