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Engineering Mechanics Statics 1 (Intuition + Application)

Engineering Mechanics Statics 1 (Intuition + Application)

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Solve engineering mechanics problems with: Vectors, forces, moments, distributed loads, body centers, fluid pressure!

What you'll learn
How to apply vectors in 2D & 3D practical engineering problems
How to use force vectors to stabilize cable structures (particle equilibrium)
How to calculate & apply moments in 2D & 3D practical engineering problems
How to describe & analyze distributed loads in 2D & 3D applied on structures
How to simplify distributed loads to make it easier to analyse structures
How to calculate the centroid, center of mass, and center of gravity of a body
How to analyze underwater structures exposed to hydrostatic fluid pressure
How to calculate area centroids for complicated structural cross-sections

Functions, Derivatives and Integrals from Calculus
How would you stabilize a tower using cables? Or calculate the distance between two structures? Or find the right counterweight for a crane, so that it would not fall over? Would you like to know the difference between centroid, centers of mass & gravity, and center of pressure for distributed loads that beams, dams, water draining mechanisms, fluid tanks and underwater tunnels experience?

My name is Mark, I'm an Aerospace & Robotics engineer and I will teach you all that here, in Engineering Mechanics: Statics Part 1. Vectors, forces, moments, distributed loads, body centers, fluid pressure - you will not only receive immense amount of intuition, but also, a great deal of problem solving in 2D & 3D, that's a promise. After this course, you will have strong engineering base to continue with more advanced topics such as Dynamics and structural analysis.

This course requires you to be very proactive. I give you a problem and the tools to solve it. Then, I ask you to solve it yourself, and only then, after at least trying it, you should see the solution videos. That's how you become a real PROBLEM SOLVER. I've also created Python animations to make the concepts even more intuitive. No other Statics course does that. If you're looking for a career in Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil or Maritime engineering, then this Engineering Mechanics: Statics course is for you.

Before you buy, please watch the free preview videos, and if you like what you see, ENROLL NOW, and let's get started! Hope to see you inside!

Who this course is for
Engineering students in Mechanical, Civil, Aerospace, Maritime engineering
Professional engineers in Mechanics, Civil, Aerospace, Maritime engineering

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