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Editing YouTube-videos in Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

Editing YouTube-videos in Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

Make better video for your YouTube-channel!
In this course I'll show you my knowledge and experience of using Adobe Premiere Pro for making YouTube-videos. I'm Evgeny Maximov.

I'm individual photographer and videographer from Russia. I started to edit videos for YouTube in 2014. And for now I edited around 900 videos using Adobe Premiere Pro.

What will you learn?

How to organise your editing work;
What shortcuts and tips to use for fast editing;
Edit videos step-by-step using different effects, text layers and keyframing.
A lot of different courses show you everything that you can use in Premiere Pro. I have another view on this. I show you only these tools that work for you.

Which tools will I show you in this class?

Folder and Interface Structure
Useful shortcuts, making and saving Presets
Multi-Cam editing, Nesting clips
Text Layers
How to record audio straight into Premiere
Color Correction
Audio Mixing
Exporting your final video

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