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Ecom Ricky – Freedom Dropshipping Course

Ecom Ricky - Freedom Dropshipping Course

Intro To Dropshipping - What is dropshipping, how to dropship the RIGHT way and beat the competition
Product Research - Winning product examples, Finding suppliers with FAST shipping, FREE product research methods, PAID product research methods
Shopify Store Setup & Design - Step-by-Step complete store setup, product page optimization, conversion rate hacks, App Setup - Upsell app, Review app, SMSBump, Klaviyo, etc.
Freedom by Facebook Ads - My Full Facebook Ad Strategy - Testing, Scaling, Retargeting, Lookalikes, Tips if ad account disabled
Youtube/Instagram Influencer Strategy - My Full Influencer Strategy (Finding good influencers, Engagement Rate, DM/Email strategy, Negotiating Price, Scheduling Promos)
The Backend - Customer Service, Win Chargebacks, Paypal Holds, Payment Processors, etc.
Order Fulfillment & Automation - Fulfilling orders,


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