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Drawing, Shading And Coloring Bonsai Trees In Procreate

Drawing, Shading And Coloring Bonsai Trees In Procreate

Published 7/2022
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Enhance your Procreate skills, discover how to sketch, do semi-realistic shading, hatching, color manipulation and more

What you'll learn
Drawing in Procreate
Quick Shading in Procreate
Color Manipulation in Procreate
Coloring grey toned images in Procreate
Sketching in Procreate
Semi-realistic Shading
No prior experience needed at all
Apple Pencil or other Pressure Sensitive Stylus is recommended
Procreate Pocket may work, but isn't tested
Who doesn't like these lovely miniature trees? Looking closely at some Bonsai Trees together, can be a great tool to start you off or help you improve your drawing skills.In the 1st Part we're going to draw a Bonsai Tree from scratch and draw it all the way, just using the Procreate HB Pencil. No Procreate tricks or special effects, but just you - your pencil (or finger) - and drawing skills.And yes, you can absolutely do this! My step-by-step clear instructions will guide you through the whole process and help you create something beautiful.You will discover what to actually pay attention to, how to draw and sketch in Procreate, how to hatch - adding lovely light & shadow effects, ending up with a gorgeous Bonsai Tree.In the 2nd Part we're going to draw a Pine Bonsai Tree from scratch and draw it all the way, just using the Procreate HB Pencil. No Procreate tricks or special effects, but just you - your pencil (or finger) - and drawing skills. Building on the skills we've gained in the previous part, we're going to add a few effective techniques to it to be able to draw the Pine shaped Bonsai Tree successfully.In the 3rd part of Drawing Bonsai Trees, which can be done without having done the previous parts, we'll be focusing on semi-realistic-shading. Using our Apple Pencil in a total different way.But first we need to draw the tree, so I'll be showing you a few ways how to use the photo as a base for your sketch. Once happy with the sketch we'll discover how to shade with a pencil in Procreate. Of course we'll also pay some attention to bringing in light and shadow convincingly.We even go further with this one, creating a nice background which will make it look like we've really drawn our Bonsai Tree with graphite.Using your pencil in this way might be a very different experience, but it will surely enhance your Procreate skills.In the 4th Part we're going to take the grey-toned Bonsai Tree we drew (or use the one I've provided) and turn it into a lovely colored piece.There are several ways to go about this in Procreate. We'll be looking at 5 different methods to get the job done: Alpha Lock, Clipping Masks, Gradient Maps, Curves and Color Balance.I'll be showing you how to effectively use these different methods and we'll also be venturing into using a combo of the options to give us just the look we want - ending up with the best result.Enjoy coloring the uncolored, or use these very helpful methods to change the colors of existing pieces into your liking. Another great skill to add to your Procreate toolbox.You will love drawing the various adorable Bonsai Trees, mastering semi-realistic-shading and doing some color manipulation in Procreate so come and join the fun and see what beautiful results you'll end up with. Aside from your iPad with Procreate and all the resources I provide there's nothing else needed to get started.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Support, Community and Feedback
Section 2: Drawing Bonsai Trees Part 1
Lecture 3 Introduction
Lecture 4 What do you need and setting up the Canvas
Lecture 5 The Basics of drawing a Bonsai Tree
Lecture 6 Drawing the first Bonsai Tree
Lecture 7 Shading the first Bonsai Tree
Lecture 8 Shading the Plant Pot
Lecture 9 The Project
Section 3: Drawing a Bonsai Pine Tree
Lecture 10 Introduction
Lecture 11 Setting up the Canvas
Lecture 12 The basics of a Bonsai Pine Tree
Lecture 13 Outlining the Bonsai Pine Tree
Lecture 14 Adding interest through Shading
Lecture 15 Needles, Bark and extras
Lecture 16 The Project and something extra!
Section 4: Shading a semi-realistic Bonsai Tree
Lecture 17 Introduction
Lecture 18 Setting up the Canvas, Drawing the Tree and some basics
Lecture 19 General Areas and the Trunk
Lecture 20 Shading the Leaves
Lecture 21 Shading the Plant Pot and the Floor
Lecture 22 The Project and the Backgroumd
Section 5: Coloring the Uncolored
Lecture 23 Introduction
Lecture 24 The Procreate Files
Lecture 25 The Alpha Lock Method
Lecture 26 The Clipping Mask Method
Lecture 27 The three Color Adjustment Methods
Lecture 28 The Demonstration
Lecture 29 The Project
Section 6: Bonus Lecture
Lecture 30 Bonus Lecture
Artists and non-artists of any level,Beginning artists,Intermediate artists,Anyone with a desire to draw nature with a fresh perspective,The lessons are presented with such simplicity and clarity that anyone can follow and do them, from beginner to advanced,Procreate enthusiasts,Procreate beginners,Procreate artists


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