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Designing Vector Based Characters In Moho Pro

Designing Vector Based Characters In Moho Pro

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Learn how to design cartoon characters in Moho Pro using vector points and other tools!

What you'll learn
Assemble a workflow for designing Moho characters for graphic design or animation
A copy of Moho Pro 12 or later
While Moho is known for animation, it has a wide range of vector design tools that can be useful for creating artwork. Vectors are nice due to their flexibility with animation and inability to degrade in quality when blowing up the design. Moho can design still art or complex objects and characters for animation. In this course you will learn all about designing a character for animation in Moho, including:Importing a sketchThe Add Point Tool to morph and shape various partsThe Curvature tool for creating nice curves and bendsBuilding a head, hair, body, limbs and moreApplying line details to maximize appealApplying shades and highlights to breathe life into the rigBuilding and masking eyes and mouth for easy animation later onOther tips and tricks to help you succeed in designing characters in Moho Pro


Section 1: Welcome!

Lecture 1 What You Will Learn in this Course

Lecture 2 Sketching a Character

Lecture 3 Importing Sketch into Moho

Section 2: Designing the Head Pieces

Lecture 4 Designing the Head Base

Lecture 5 Designing and Masking Eyes

Lecture 6 Drawing Eye Brows

Lecture 7 Drawing the Hair

Lecture 8 Designing the Ponytail

Lecture 9 Drawing and Masking the Mouth

Section 3: Drawing the Body

Lecture 10 Designing the Neck and Shirt

Lecture 11 Drawing the Coat

Lecture 12 Drawing the Pelvis and Cat Belt Buckle

Lecture 13 Drawing the Front Arm

Lecture 14 Drawing the Front Leg

Lecture 15 Drawing the Front Ankle and Foot

Lecture 16 Drawing the Hands

Section 4: Adding More Line Work and Details

Lecture 17 Adding in Hair and Face Lines

Lecture 18 Detailing the Ponytail

Lecture 19 Drawing Shirt Design

Lecture 20 Drawing and Masking Coat Details

Lecture 21 Detailing the Pelvis

Lecture 22 Drawing Arm Details

Section 5: Adding Shades and Highlights

Lecture 23 Shading the Head and Hair

Lecture 24 Shading the Coat

Lecture 25 Shading the Pelvis and Limbs

Lecture 26 Highlighting the Head and Hair

Lecture 27 Highlighting the Coat, Pelvis and Limbs

Lecture 28 Duplicating the Front Limbs

Section 6: Wrapping Up

Lecture 29 Ensuring Line Width Consistency

Lecture 30 Polishing Up Line Work

Lecture 31 Polishing Up Hands

Lecture 32 Comparing Design to the Original

Lecture 33 Final Thoughts

Students looking to design characters with vector tools,Beginners looking to learn Moho,Designers looking for a crash course in Moho's Draw tools



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