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Data Visualization with Python Masterclass | Python A-Z

Data Visualization with Python Masterclass | Python A-Z

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Python Data visualization: Python data analysis and visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Pandas, Matplotlib

What you'll learn
Fundamental stuff of Python and OOP
What is the Data Science and Data Literacy
Fundamental stuff of Numpy and Pandas library
What is Data Visualization
The Logic of Matplotlib
What is Matplotlib
Using Matplotlib
Pyplot – Pylab - Matplotlib
Figure, Subplot, Multiplot, Axes,
Figure Customization
Data Visualization
Plot Customization
Grid, Spines, Ticks
Basic Plots in Matplotlib
Seaborn library with these topics
What is Seaborn
Controlling Figure Aesthetics
Color Palettes
Basic Plots in Seaborn
Multi-Plots in Seaborn
Regression Plots and Squarify
Geoplotlib with these topics
Data Vizualisation
What is Geoplotlib
Tile Providers and Custom Layers
Data Visualization, python data analysis and visualization
Data Science, python data science
Machine Learning, machine learning
data analysis and visualization
Data Visualisation
Because data can mean an endless number of things, it’s important to choose the right visualization tools for the job.
you’re interested in learning Tableau, D3 js, After Effects, or Python, has a course for you.
Python Programming
Learn how to use NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn , Matplotlib , Machine Learning, and more!
Python data analysis and visualization
Statistics alone can fall flat. That’s why data visualization is so important to communicating the meaning behind data sets.
Good visualizations can magically transform complex data analysis into appealing and easily understood representations that in turn inform smarter.
Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. It is a storytelling tool that provides a way to communicate the meaning behind.
There are a variety of popular data visualization tools used by professionals in a variety of settings and at all levels.
Some of the most widely utilized platforms include Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Python, and R; OAK offers courses that can get you up to speed on all of these.
While there are specific careers that require data visualization skills, such as data scientist, data engineer, and business intelligence analyst.
Some of the most common examples include charts (area, bar, and pie), tables (highlight and text), graphs (bullet and wedge stack)
Data analysis is the practice of gathering, processing, and modeling quantitative and qualitative data to extract factors to make informed decisions.
What is data analysis? Data analysis is the process of studying or manipulating a dataset to gain some sort of insight.
What skills do I need to be a data analyst? To be a data analyst, you’ll need technical skills to analyze data and report insights successfully.
What jobs use data analysis? Data analysts are in every industry, and their job titles can vary.

You'll need a desktop computer (Windows, Mac) capable of running Anaconda 3 or newer. We will show you how to install the necessary free software.
A little bit of coding experience for data visualization using python
At least high school level math skills will be required for data vizualisation.
Python Coding skills are a plus
Desire to learn Seaborn
Desire to work on Geoplotlib
Desire to learn data analysis and visualization
Desire to learn numpy, python numpy
Desire to learn pandas, python pandas
Desire to learn data analysis, python, data visualization


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