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Data Visualization and Data Analysis Origin and OriginPro

Data Visualization and Data Analysis Origin and OriginPro 4.1 GB

Become expert in Originlab software! Have control over all kinds of data!
What you'll learn
Learn to use Origin and OriginPro Software professionally
Be able to generate best visualization from any kind of data
Be able to analyze all kind of data and interpret them
Become confident in your presentation skills by becoming an expert in data visualization and data analysis
Get understanding on how to make mathematical models in Origin
Have control over all kind of data
Access to computer and internet
Without proper Data Visualization and Data Analysis, you can not be the best in school or at work!
Become an expert Origin and OriginPro and learn data visualization and data analysis!
This is the most comprehensive and easy to understand course you will find on Udemy on Data analysis and visualization. Origin is the best software you will find in this space and after taking this class, you will never go to any other software for all matters relating to data and Descriptions.
This course has over 50 lectures and more than 6 hours of video and leaves no stone unturned in data visualization and analysis. You will have practical examples and engaging exercises in this class.
We will cover topics such as;
Learning basic interface of Origin and OriginPro
Scatter Description
Line Description
Customizing graphs to presentation quality levels
Merging graphs
How to Description column, bar and stacked Descriptions
How to Description floating column and vertical drop line Description
How to Description pie, doughnut and kite chart
How to Description Area Descriptions
Description in 3D
Statistics like cross tabulation, chi-square analysis etc.
Mathematics on Data
Fitting, smoothening and signal processing
and many others


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