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Creating WordPress Plugins The Right Way

Creating WordPress Plugins The Right Way

What you'll learn:
Learn how to create your own WordPress plugins with three amazing projects
Master the native WordPress APIs, work with your own tables, post types, shortcodes, widgets
Become independent of third-party tools by understanding in-depth how plugins work
Learn how to work with separate tables in WordPress using the powerful $wpdb class
You need some knowledge of object-oriented PHP, basic notions of MySQL, HTML and CSS
You need to know how to install WordPress and work with a local server (localhost)
Do you want to stop losing customers for not knowing how to create plugins?
Are you also trying desperately to learn how to create your own plugins, but are not succeeding? You've been trying for a few years now, but still haven't found good and up-to-date teaching material. Then got tired of simply looking at how long is the WordPress documentation for plugin creators.
Plugins are part of what makes WordPress be what it is, the most used content management system in the world, present in more than 30% of sites worldwide! Learning how to deal with the WordPress plugin engine will set you free from third-party tools. It will also put a powerful knowledge in your hands that will help you reach new clients, financial independence, or at least a new job or a promotion at work.
All will start with this course!
This course is unlike any course you've ever seen. It's about 100 lessons, organized in three amazing projects, in which I teach you everything I've been learning over the ten years I've been working with WordPress. Absolutely everything! This course won't hide anything. All subjects are covered in great depth, with the teaching style recognized by my more than 20,000 students around the world!
All this using only native WordPress tools. No using plugins to create another plugin!
What exactly will you learn?
Here is a shortlist of the main topics covered by this course. You will learn:
How to use WordPress action hooks and filters to your advantage to control the behavior of plugins and make them more flexible



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