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Clare Le Roy – The Complete Canva & Notion Template Bundle for Designers

Clare Le Roy – The Complete Canva & Notion Template Bundle for Designers | 6.86 GB

- This bundle is an investment that delivers exceptional value for your design business.
- Create a consistent and professional look and feel across your client journey.

- All templates are designed to complement each other, ensuring a cohesive and visually stunning brand experience for your clients.
- Save money on expensive subscription based software (that rarely does everything you need it to do anyway).
- Improve your business systems and processes so you can focus on what you do best – designing.
- Impress new clients, gather essential project details, streamline client onboarding and set the tone for a successful collaboration from the very beginning.
- Boost productivity and eliminate time consuming tasks.
- Improve your project management, client communication and design workflow.
- Reduce errors and improve client satisfaction.
By investing in the Complete Canva and Notion Template Bundle you’ll take your business to new heights of professionalism.
Good to know:
- Can be used with the free versions of Canva and Notion (paid subscriptions not required unless you’re working with a team of other designers).
- One time purchase, no ongoing fees for multiple project uses.
- Simple to use and comes with video instructions to get you set up.
- Immediately sent to you once you’ve signed up – get started right away.
- More than pays for itself in the time savings you make by purchasing a pre-made template.
- Will immediately upgrade the professional look and feel of your business so you can get back to working with clients rather than spending your time making templates!
Here’s what’s included
- The Fixtures & Finishes (FF&E) Schedule
- The Design Concept
- The Fee Proposal
- The Client Welcome Pack
- The Design Portfolio
- The Furniture and Accessories Schedule
- The Client Onboarding Questionnaire
- The Client Handover Pack
The Client Project Tracker
- The Complete Productivity System
The Budget + Order Tracker
The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Database
The Materials + Assets Library
The Email Scripts Database for Designers
The Daily Hub Dashboard
The Content Planning System
The Virtual Assistant/Team Outsourcing System
The Meal Planning System


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