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Certificate in Cardiac Imaging CT MRI Nuclear

Certificate in Cardiac Imaging CT MRI Nuclear

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Cardiac Imaging

What you'll learn
Cardiac MRI
Cardiac imaging
Basic in Cardiology
The course planning and execution has taken time for months and years of the technical team and the faculties at Heartbeatsz academy. To do a simple Master review course, the chief faculty had to spend few thousand $ and of course travelling expenses were extra. We aim to share the knowledge in compact way at very affordable price to be able to help our students save money. If you will notice, our faculty are highly qualified across the best academic centers but price wise we have tried to keep more money in your pocket rather than someone else. Moreover, our courses have highest hours of quality video content compared to others surely (please check and compare). The course is meant for doctors, technicians, researchers or even patients and all knowledge enthusiasts who like to know more with tips and tricks how to use different imaging modalities etc. Cardiac imaging has grown significantly in complexity and clinical utility over the past two decades. As innovative technology has progressed throughout the field of medicine, so too has the ability to visualize the heart and its vasculature noninvasively. Several cardiac imaging modalities have become essential in the practice of modern cardiovascular medicine not only in diagnosis but also in the management of various cardiovascular diseases as well as in the guidance of invasive procedures. These modalities include echocardiography, myocardial perfusion imaging via nuclear scintigraphy, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computed tomography (CT).


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Cardiac anatomy

Lecture 2 Radiation in cath lab

Lecture 3 Cardiac CT including CT angio

Lecture 4 coronary angiography

Lecture 5 coronary angiography part 2

Lecture 6 radial spasm

Lecture 7 Coronary angiogram view summary

Lecture 8 Spontaneous coronary artery dissection

Lecture 9 Basics of echocardiography

Lecture 10 Echocardiography part 2

Lecture 11 Stress echocardiography

Lecture 12 3D intrcardiac echo

Lecture 13 Cardiac MRI

Lecture 14 Nuclear Cardiology




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