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Cardinal Mason & Chase Dimond – Copy MBA The Freelancing Masterclass

Cardinal Mason & Chase Dimond - Copy MBA The Freelancing Masterclass

The Most Comprehensive Writing Course Ever Offered to The Public
By Cardinal Mason and Chase Dimond

Do not buy without reading this section…
Hello. Here’s a quick intro.
My name is Mason Doerr, but I’m known online as Cardinal Mason.
Professional writer since 2019. $30M in annual revenue for my clients. I have written over 4000 email, hundreds of ads, and sales pages. and For some of the largest brands in the world, SMS messages are a great way to communicate with them.
Worked at 6+ agencies.-House for 6 brands, 10+ personal brand, 50+ one-Take 20% off all projects by 2021
As a copywriter, I earned over $40k per week at my peak. No big deal.
Chase DimondMy partner owns an 8-Figure marketing agency and He has generated $250M in revenues for his clients. His bio does not include a high number. I’ve been telling him to change it for a year now.
Let’s not get into detail about ourselves. Let’s talk about why you’re really here.
*clears throat*
This sales page was deliberately left unadorned.
It lacks flavor. It lacks sauce. There’s nothing here.
It seems like the Family Guy segment in which Stewie was featured and Brian accidentally travelled back in time before the universe existed.
was lying. You don’t have to read this.
I’m not the boss of you.
But if you’re intrigued and you’ll allow me to take a few more minutes to get you amped up and Are you ready to go? Keep reading.
2. Copy MBA will show you how to make your words art.
Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but we don’t get enough art in our lives. It’s obvious.
We used to live in a world of masterpieces that was everywhere we looked, even in the simplest moments.
We’d walk down the street and See buildings created by artists.
We’d listen to music. People expressing. Artists.
We’d read poetry to our spouse to tell them we love them. The poet is an artist. The way we’d read it, artistic.
You and Now, I live in an era where creativity is a common feature and The most rare forms of art are in fact very rare. Therefore, the slightest hint or novelty will make you stand out among everyone.
You should incorporate creative writing into all you do.
It should come out of you.
Whether you’re writing an email to a list of 100 people, a cold email to a stranger, or a journal entry to yourself…
Be expressive
Your words should be personal and charisma.
It should give people a reason to keep reading, even if they’re not interested in what you’re selling.
We’re all born with the ability to express and You can be creative but wires are crossed when someone tells your school that something you said was wrong. and You must then give up. and You can become a robot and walk around the mall at 5 p.m. “fun”.
It is washed away by water.-meaning people that don’t know you, and don’t care for the repercussions.
You will find the creative writing section in this course is a great way to bring back your spark. and You can make sure that EVERYTHING you write has the same contagious energy as your readers.
It’s possible.
If you haven’t tried, even better.
I love a blank canvas.
With enough practiceand You will become the art this world desperately needs by watching my modules enough time.

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