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Building Resilience Masterclass

Building Resilience Masterclass

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What you'll learn
Building Resilience & Proven Strategies To Thrive In Difficult Times

Willing to learn
The 'Building Resilience Masterclass' is a complete, eight module resilience online workshop. It has high quality world-class content, that is scientific and deeply engaging.
Besides the masterclass for you, it also includes a comprehensive Resilience Workbook, to help you put your insights into action.
Resilience is fast emerging as a significant predictor of success. Even beyond, IQ and social intelligence. If you want to grow and thrive, in these rapidly changing and challenging times, this masterclass is for you.
The masterclass offers you the opportunity to take 3 Self-Assessments which offers powerful insights into your current resilience levels. It also introduces the Resilience Grid, which is unique and exclusive to this masterclass.
You will master important strategies to build lasting Resilience. This makes the Building Resilience Masterclass the ultimate shortcut to massive growth.
What Will You Learn At The Building Resilience Masterclass?
Introduction to Resilience and Mental Toughness
Discover signs of Low Resilience
Test your Personal Resilience & Change Readiness levels
Decode your scores using the powerful 'Resilience Grid'
Build a growth mindset to deal with fear of failure
Learn strategies to increase resilience and mental toughness to better deal with setbacks and stressors
The Building Resilience Masterclass Includes
13 Video Recordings Of The Masterclass
5+ Reflection Worksheets (PDF)
Resilience Workbook Includes Exercises (ebook in PDF)
Information Downloads
At Your Own Pace Learning
The Eight Modules
Are You Emotionally Tough?
Assessment - Resilience & Change Readiness
Where Are You On The Resilience Grid?
Technique #1 - Developing a Resilient Mindset
Technique #2 - Building Emotional Resilience
Technique #3 - Stop Terrorising Yourself
Technique #4 - Build A Personal Support System
Practicing Resilience With The Workbook
Who this course is for:
Professionals , Employees, Leaders, Students

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