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Brian P.Moran : 12 Week Year Special

Brian P.Moran - 12 Week Year Special | 1.52 GB

This special online event will not be repeated
Want to Hear Our Most Up-to-Date Thinking On The 12 Week Year?

Attention: This event is sold out.
My business partner Michael Lennington and I are hosting an online workshop that will be 100% focused on getting things done.
Not only will we be sharing our most up-to-date thinking on the 12 Week Year, but you'll also learn my personal approach to setting up the system that drives my success!
You'll see how I personally approach and execute the key disciplines and principles that make up The 12 Week Year system, including.
.how I do it, when I do it, where I do it, even the tools I use, my schedule, my worksheets, and more.
This is a rare peek into how I think about, strategize, and execute my own system.
So, this isn't just more training.
This is you coming along with me and watching, listening, and learning as I detail it all for you.
And, I haven't even touched on the segment where we walk you through the most common stumbling blocks we've identified over the years.
Including how to manage them effectively so you don't lose momentum and fall off of the system.
You'll develop greater capacity for personal accountability, a stronger ability to keep commitments, and a deeper appreciation for the value of acting now.
(Presented Online With Brian Moran)
You Won't Want To Miss This

Special Training.
Here's just a small taste of what else you'll learn:
- How to stay on top of goals and objectives when life is always changing.
- The most critical discipline to develop in order to ensure success with The 12 Week Year.
- The best way to prioritize your tactics when you have too much to do.
- How to transition to 12 week cycles when the rest of the world runs on annual cycles.
- The correct way to reduce your long-term vision down to a 12 week plan.
- How to level-up your ability to operate at your HIGHEST LEVEL, both mentally and physically.

This unique opportunity to learn directly from Michael and I
simply doesn't exist anywhere else at the moment
We know that closing the gap from where you are, to where you want to be, can be incredibly difficult.
The population of people even willing to step up and accept the challenge is very, very small.
Anytime you can disconnect from your current environment, from your current thinking, from your current routine, and expose yourself to a new perspective.
.it becomes more likely that you'll breakthrough your current limitations and discover the best version of yourself


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