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BIM Dynamo for Revit part1

BIM Dynamo for Revit part1

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Mastering Dynamo and Generative Design: From Fundamentals to Advanced Techniques

What you'll learn
Introduction to Dynamo: Environment and Node Basics
Creating Basic Shapes with Point and Line Nodes
Generating Sequential Numbers with Code Block and List Nodes
Advanced Shape Creation with Circle, Polygon, and Ellipse Nodes
Creating Furniture Forms with Rectangle and Plane Nodes
Adding Volume to Shapes with Extrude and Loft Nodes
Transforming and Mirroring Shapes with Translate and Mirror Nodes
Creating Complex Shapes with Nurb and Polycurve Nodes
Advanced Shape Manipulation with Offset and Sweep Nodes
Building Tower and Bridge Forms with Advanced Nodes

Basic Knowledge about Revit

Do you want to know how to automate tasks in Revit using Dynamo?Do you want to know how to optimize your complex Revit models for performance and efficiency?Do you want to know how parametric design can help in creating complex shapes and designs in architecture and engineering?The Dynamo course covers the fundamentals of using Dynamo in building information modeling. The course starts with an introduction to Dynamo's environment, node types, and integer and number values. It then moves on to more advanced topics such as creating forms parametrically, creating circles, polygons, and ellipses using nodes, and extruding shapes. You will also learn to manipulate geometry using translation and mirroring. The course includes several exercises to reinforce learning, including creating a multi-story parking garage, a forest tower, and Athens Olympic Sports Complex by Calatrava.Headlines:Dynamo Fundamentals: Getting Started with Node-Based DesignBuilding Custom Shapes: Exploring Integer and Number Values in DynamoCreating Parametric Forms: Using Line and Circle Nodes in DynamoAdvanced Geometry: From Regular Polygons to Lofted Solids in DynamoPractical Applications: Extruding Shapes and Creating Curved Surfaces in DynamoParametric Modeling: Using Transpose, Offset, and Sweep Nodes in DynamoMastering Curves: Using Polycurves and Fillet Nodes in DynamoDynamic Design: Creating Custom Forms with NURBS and Control Points in DynamoAdvanced Techniques: Using List Manipulation and Lacing in DynamoFrom Sketch to Structure: Building Complex Forms with Dynamo's Node-Based WorkflowThis course is packed with real-life examples that immerse you in project situations and facilitate effective learning. Additionally, you're encouraged to ask any questions you may have while watching the course, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


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