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Autodesk Revit Model Language Translation with Dynamo

Autodesk Revit Model Language Translation with Dynamo

Last updated 9/2020
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Use Dynamo and Dynamo Player to create some routines to extract all string values and translate them to another language
What you'll learn
How to create Dynamo Scripts related with Extraction Insertion and Renaming
Review Interaction with string content values and simplify them as posible
All posible values to be renamed and how to handle those interactions.
A computer to create your scripts with a Revit File
Need to have Instaled Autodesk Revit 2020 at least
Need to know or have taken a Dynamo Analysis Course
Need to have access to models
This course its designed to help you facilitate the translation of a Revit Model, by using Dynamo Scripts so we can ensure that all information on model its been extracted, reviewed and transfer to another language and then rewrited on the model , assuring the maximum quality on the process.Its an incredible opportunity to try and explore the posibilities for translation, due to the fact that models and work around the globe need to be versatile and with constant changes.We will start using a spanish model, and see all the workflows to extract all info within and then with that extraction and proper translation to brind back the information and rename all those elements.Communication is the core competence required for a fluent BIM Coordination.This new series its now pulling all dynamo and practical BIM workflows for a Generative Design and for solving construction problemsWe will keep adding custom nodes for specific approaches and as always would recommend to foster your own solutions.Generative Design and Dynamo are not yet on the peak that they will probably be on the next years so take the leap of faith, and start sooner unraveling your full potential for Modeling and Programming and enjoy at any time the freedom of possibilities to make technology work the way you need it to.Join to a selective group that its looking for possibilities rather than restrictions, and be UpToDate for all the amazing possibilities that in any time can transform your way of working, to change it forever.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Revit Model Translation with Dynamo
Section 2: Extracting and Inserting to Translate String Data
Lecture 3 Dynamo Overview for the Course
Lecture 4 Extracting Project Information
Lecture 5 Selecting Project Information
Lecture 6 Extracting View Names and Levels
Lecture 7 Selecting Levels and Views Language and Inserting it
Lecture 8 Extracting Family Names and Types
Lecture 9 Selecting Family Names and Type Names
Lecture 10 Extracting Instance Parameters from Model Elements
Lecture 11 Exporting those values to Translate File
Lecture 12 Extracting Type Parameters From Model Elements
Lecture 13 Selecting Parameter Value from Model Elements
Lecture 14 Extracting Information From Materials Text Notes and Legends
Lecture 15 Selecting Information to Materials Text Notes and Legends
Lecture 16 Extrating Schedule Header Fields
Lecture 17 Selecting the Schedule Header Fields
Lecture 18 Create a Complete Selection of Language
Lecture 19 Ending the Function
Designers, Architects and Engineers that need to translate their models,BIM Managers and Coordinators that need to review quality assets on their models.


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