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Android Game Development for Beginners – Learn Core Concepts

Android Game Development for Beginners - Learn Core Concepts

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What you'll learn
You'll be able to build a complete 2D game in less than 3 hours.
You'll have a clear understanding of the core concepts behind a 2D game.
You'll be able to brush-up your Java skills.
You'll be able to create different levels for your game.
Monetize your app through Google Admob and start getting some revenue.
We'll be using Java in this course, and since it's an OOP language, it's important to learn OOP fundamentals first. One of my courses titled "Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals" teaches that. Note that, it does not teach Java specifically. But it's important to learn that first to be able to work with Java, Kotlin, C++, Python, C# or any other OOP based languages.
You should have Android Studio installed.
Some basic programming experience like variable, if-else, loop, method.
Hi, and welcome to my course Android Game Development for Beginners. I am Sandip, and I'll be guiding you through the process of creating your very own Android games, using Android Studio and Java. Sound exciting? Let's get started.
******* Some Amazing Reviews From Our Learners *******
★★★★★ i find this course simple but very clear and effective. good job!
★★★★★ Course delivers on what it advertises. Quickly and easily explains essential functionality for android game development.
★★★★★ Great course, I found the format worked really well and Sandip was really quick to respond when I had a question. I already have some basic android development knowledge but I had never made a game before, now I'm confident I can start making my own games.
★★★★★ Very useful. I have been searching for weeks to find a good OOP course. Sandip shows how to implement the app first then moved into OOP so you can understand the differences.
★★★★★ So clear for step by step,
★★★★★ Great course, i had lots of fun learning about android development. I am working on my very own app at the moment. Instructor is willing to help you if your stuck.
★★★★★ I got the opportunity to know how to build a game and truly speaking it was amusing The instructor made the tutorial easy and attractive
★★★★★ Hello, I loved the course as it was well demonstrated with practical point of view. It is must for every beginner in android game development. Loved it. Will be waiting for more!!
******* Course Overview *******
This course will introduce some key elements of game programming. I will be covering basic XML Layout designing, Frame by Frame Animation, Object Oriented concept for Animation, detecting Touch Event and Collision, showing Score and Health Indicator. Score is displayed in GameOver screen once the game is over. From the GameOver screen, you can either Restart the game or Exit from it. I will show you how you can save your personal best score using Android SharedPreferences class. I believe the best way to learn game programming is by making one. So, I will walk you through the process of creating a complete Android game, from start to finish, step by step in a completely hands-on fashion, sharing some super useful resources along the way. As we move on, we will be creating a small but complete game called "Plane Shooter". I'll show you step-by-step how to Create Different Levels for your game and add features like changing game background and increasing the speed of the Planes for every succeeding level to make your game more interesting and fun, in the easiest way possible. This course improves your problem-solving ability as I invite you to find the solution yourself so that you can think and solve your coding problems like a pro. I am also available to support you along the way as much as I can. I'll do the heavy lifting for you so that you can have an enjoyable learning experience and focus on implementing the game features that you want. This course doesn't stop here. I'll demonstrate step-by-step how to monetize your app through Google AdMob Banner and Interstitial ads so that you can start getting some revenue. You can download all the project source codes once you purchase this course which you're free to use for your personal work. As a motivation for you, I've included few real apps made by my students with some help from this course (and/or my other android game development course titled Android Game Development - Create Your First Mobile Game). Isn't it amazing?
Whether for fun or for profit, developing Android games can be very rewarding, both personally and professionally. You can make your own games for fun, to show off your friends and family. You may have been curious about how to make a game. A game that you build yourself and publish can be a great experience and can enrich your life. Either way, you need to have a solid knowledge of game development fundamentals and the skills required to make your Android game a reality.
Why Android for making games? Because you will find Android to have a larger amount of players available, bringing more downloads and engagements in your app. Getting your app to big success is greatly dependent upon its exposure. Putting it in the Android mainstream market Google Play is one way to do that.
Join me on this exciting journey to become an Android Game Developer. Hit the Enroll Button!
Who this course is for:
This course is perfectly suitable for anyone interested in making Android Games from scratch but don't know where to start.
If you want to learn the core concepts of a 2D game development like animation, touch event, collision detection, playing sound, saving score etc. then this course is right for you.
If you want to learn game development by writing code in Java.


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