Amy Hoy & Alex Hillman – 30×500 Academy

Amy Hoy & Alex Hillman – 30×500 Academy

“What if I launch a product that nobody wants to buy?”
Most of us, when we want to ship a product, we start at the beginning and with the most obvious ingredient: the product.

Because when you can create, the act of creating feels most natural and straightforward.

But it makes it so easy to end up with a product that nobody wants to buy.

And isn’t that every new entrepreneur’s worst nightmare? All that work, and nobody cares.

Failure. Not even dramatic failure – a flop, a fizzle.

A product that nobody wants to buy.

Learn and practice focusing on your customer, from the comfort of wherever you are, by joining 30×500.
When you enroll in 30×500, here’s exactly what you’ll do:

You’ll pick your audience. It’s easy, promise.
Then learn how they tick.
And understand what they need, want, and are ready to buy.
You’ll create valuable content and resources that help build your reputation, earn trust with your audience, and of course build your traffic!
Then convert your new readers to subscribers, and then into enthusiastic buyers.
You’ll learn how to use the most systematic process ever to generate infinite product ideas, with no genius or flash of inspiration required.
And practice drafting persuasive sales copy that opens wallets, even if you “suck” at writing!
You’ll create your product, of course, using our techniques for keeping scope in check and shipping on time.
And you’ll execute a launch that builds momentum and anticipation
When you enroll you get instant access to:

Nearly 100 action-packed lessons: 60+ video lessons, over 20 step-by-step exercises, and 15 step-by-step tutorials.
A collection of hand-picked book recommendations, 9+ self-study guides, and additional bonus lessons from the vault of past 30×500 versions.
A digital watercooler to meet your product-shipping peers, to share, and ask questions in our 24-hour, alumni-only chat room.

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