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American English Pronunciation 2022

American English Pronunciation 2022

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Sound Like a Native Speaker

What you'll learn
Learn to start pronouncing with an American accent.
Understand the basic rules of the vowels and consonants.
Acquire lots of new vocabulary related to each sound.
Practice specific sounds with challenging sentence exercises.
A basic (A1-A2) level of English listening and reading comprehension.
In this course we will be going over all the basic sounds of the American English accent. We will be covering all of the long forms of the vowels along with many of the different variations of the short forms. The silent E, the schwa, the diphthongs and other vowel combos will also be examined in this course.
As far as the consonant sounds go, we will be covering many of the basic consonant sounds that I commonly have heard mispronounced over the years as a teacher. In particular you will receive a very comprehensive guide on the different sounds that the T can make in the American accent.
Then finally, at the end I will be adding several bonus videos which will be related to the topic of American English pronunciation.
In each of these videos you will clearly be able to see what my mouth and face muscles are doing in order to produce a similar sound. I explain what my tongue is doing and when possible I also physically show you what's happening with the tongue and lips while producing certain sounds.
Upon finishing this course, you will have a much better understanding of the American accent and will be able to produce this accent with more much confidence than before. If you continue to practice the exercises and review videos on a regular basis, you'll be speaking with an American accent in no time!
Who this course is for
This course is for English (ESL/EFL) students who would like to learn how to speak with an American English accent.


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