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Alan Sharpe’s B2B Content Writing Masterclass with Coaching

Alan Sharpe's B2B Content Writing Masterclass with Coaching

Published 08/2022
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 81 lectures (8h 43m) | Size: 9.4 GB

Learn to write 2022's top content-writing assignments. Teaching & feedback from 30-year veteran content writer & coach.

What you'll learn
Learn how to write the most-common B2B content-writing assignments that you will be asked to write as a content writer.
Learn how to craft content that attracts readers, educates buyers, and engages customers.
Learn dozens of examples of real-world content-writing assignments.
Look over my shoulder as I write blog posts, video scripts, social media posts and more.
Learn what today's B2B buyers want, what works with this unique audience, and how to craft content that generates results.

Students must already be fluent in written English.
Students must understand common marketing terms, like prospect, SEO, lead generation and landing page.

If you want to master the art of content writing, you should take this course—for six reasons.

Number one. This isn’t a course. It’s a masterclass. This isn’t one of those courses that some guy put together in his basement in a morning. This is a masterclass, taught by a master content writer. It features more than 10 hours of content, all designed to make you a better, more-effective content writer.

Number two. This masterclass is practical. Enough with the theory, already. You aren’t here to learn concepts and principles. You are here to learn how to craft content that attracts readers, educates buyers, and engages customers. You are here for practical tactics, tips, and tricks. This masterclass delivers. I show you dozens of examples of real-world content-writing assignments. You look over my shoulder as I write blog posts, video scripts, social media posts and more.

Number three. You aren’t taking this masterclass for the good of your health. You want to master skills that make you more valuable as a content writer. That’s why I teach you how to write only the top assignments. Go only, research the most common, the most popular, the most effective types of content around today, and you’ll discover that these are the only types of content that I teach you to write. I’m talking blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, video scripts, eBooks, social media posts, and more.

The fourth reason you should take this masterclass is me, if I may say so. I’m Alan Sharpe, B2B content writer and copywriter. I wrote my first piece of content way back in 1988, before the internet, and before content marketing, were even a thing. In the last three decades I have transitioned from offline to online, from print to digital, and from copy to content. Today, I spend my days crafting B2B content for global brands. I know what they want, what works with today’s B2B buyers, and how to craft content that generates results. I teach you all that I know in this masterclass.

Number five. Let’s talk about the boredom factor of plenty of online courses. You know the ones I mean. All you get is slide after slide of a PowerPoint presentation, narrated by some disembodied voice, an instructor who talks in a monotone, and does nothing more than read the slides on your screen word for word, or rambles on and on with no clear lesson plan. Deadly! Enough with death by PowerPoint! In this masterclass, you get me, live and in person, talking with you, looking you in the eye, teaching you, encouraging you, communicating with you, and giving you examples of everything I teach.

Number six, and your final reason, coaching. This masterclass includes coaching, free of charge. I give you multiple content-writing assignments to complete, then I give you my constructive feedback. I read your assignments, I tell you what works, I tell you what doesn’t. I tell you what you must do to improve your content-writing skills. This coaching alone is worth the price of admission. I mark roughly 20 assignments a day. That’s 140 assignments a week, 600 a month, more than 7,000 a year. That’s how popular I am as a content-writing coach. If you need coaching, this content-writing masterclass is for you.

OK, that’s six solid reasons for taking this content-writing masterclass right now. If you need a few more, be my guest. Read the detailed class description below. Read the reviews from my many satisfied students. Watch the many free lesson previews. Then enroll now.

Who this course is for
B2B content writers who need to master the top most-common content writing assignments.
B2B copywriters who occasionally (or often) have to write content instead of copy.


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