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Advanced English Pronunciation and Confidence Master Class

Advanced English Pronunciation and Confidence Master Class

Created by Tannia Suárez
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 38 Lectures ( 3h 43m ) | Size: 2.24 GB

Learn how to perfect your American English accent and communicate naturally and confidently.

What you’ll learn
Students will understand (and overcome) language learning blocks.
Students will learn exactly how to be their most relaxed, confident, and authentic self when speaking English.
Students will learn how to stop “reporting” and start sharing stories. Become a more interesting and interactive speaker and storyteller.
Students will learn how to reduce your accent with tongue tips and techniques.
Students will learn how to change your intonation and rhythm to sound more natural.

This course is for advanced speakers. It is not for beginner or intermediate English learners.
A recording device (phone, camera, webcam) is good to have.

“Pronunciation is a tool for the bigger picture, which is talking to people, and that means presenting the best and most relaxed version of yourself.” -Tannia SuarezThis is THE Master Class that goes beyond advanced English and teaches you techniques that native English speakers use.If you’re ready to feel, look, and sound like a fluent English speaker, this course is a deep dive into the topics and techniques that will get you there. This course covers everything from mastering connected speech to overcoming mental language-learning blocks.THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU IF:You are an advanced English speaker who wants to speak English more fluently and feel less stuck.You want to feel less anxious and more like your most authentic self when speaking English.You want to feel less stressed and look and sound confident when you speak English.You want to communicate more effectively and improve your storytelling and small talk skills.You like learning American pronunciation, expressions and idioms that will help you understand native speakers with ease.”This course helped me to cross the speaking barrier so now I’m not afraid to talk in English.” ~Indad from KurdistanWHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS COURSE:Advanced Pronunciation: Learn about connected speech, which can have a big impact on fluency and fluidity.Confidence: Learn how to use your body language and facial expressions to look and sound more confident.Storytelling: Learn how to become a more interesting and interactive speaker and storyteller.Conversation Skills: Learn how to change the topic respectfully and transition to other subjects naturally.Accent Reduction: Learn how to reduce your accent and master difficult sounds in American English.Natural Speech: Learn how to change your intonation and rhythm to speak more fluidly.Real-Life English: Learn to use popular expressions and relaxed sentence structure to sound more natural.Mindset: Learn about the importance of mindset and how to overcome language learning blocks and feel less stuck.”Until you let it go, you won’t be able to grow.” -Tannia SuarezTHIS COURSE INCLUDES NEARLY 4 HOURS OF INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS AND LOTS OF BONUSES:BONUS Native Speaker Listening Challenges: Understand the nuances of why native speakers sound the way they do so you can feel more comfortable talking to themBONUS My Favorite English Resources: Get access to the my go-to list (a live Excel sheet organized by category) of free resources like grammar, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, games and YouTube videos.BONUS Calendar and Checklist: Print out the calendar and course checklist to ensure that you keep yourself accountable and make real progress.BONUS Printable Notes: Print any or all of the notes that correspond to the course lessons and extra lists and tips that supplement your learning.WHAT STUDENTS ARE SAYING:”Recently, an American client told me that she’s really impressed with my English. It felt awesome. Thanks, Tannia, for your support!” ~Chris from GermanyMEET THE INSTRUCTOR:I’m Tannia Suárez, and as a Business English Coach, I help professionals improve their communication skills and build their confidence so they can thrive both professionally and personally.With a B.A. in Communication, an M.A.T in Education specializing in English, and 10+ years of experience teaching English to non-native speakers, I know that achieving fluency means worrying less about perfect grammar and focusing more on real-life speaking skills.Join my community of over 150,000 learners, and get daily tips and tools to take your English communication skills to the next level!

Who this course is for
Advanced English speakers who are looking for true fluency.
Advanced English speakers who want to feel like their most “authentic” self when speaking English.
Advanced English speakers who want to communicate better, including comfortable body language and facial expressions.


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