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Adam Short Passive Profits Formula

Adam Short Passive Profits Formula

Passive Profits Formula webinar helps Internet Marketers, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs get answers on how to make $500 to $8,000 a month or more from highly profitable marketing funnels.

— Internet Marketers, Bloggers and Entrepreneurs interested in learning more about generating reliable multiple streams of income online can view an exclusive webinar titled “Passive Profits Formula: How to Make $10,000 or More per Month Online” for free on the Niche Profit Classroom website.

In addition to revealing how both he and his students have been making money from niche websites, Adam Short of Niche Profit Classroom, also revealed one of his actual lucrative marketing funnels during the webinar. This was a site he created six years ago that still consistently generates income.

The full agenda of this eye-opening webinar also includes:

Marketing Funnels – an in-depth explanation of Adam Short’s exact blueprint for building highly profitable marketing funnels quickly and easily that each earn $500 to $8,000 per month online or more.

Niche Websites – a “rinse and repeat” formula for creating profitable niche sites from betta fish to organic gardening to home repair.

The niche websites that Adam Short builds:

~ Take less than a day to set up

~ Are very high quality and so provide real value to people overall and to the Internet in general making them long-term business assets.

~ Generate income almost on complete auto-pilot for years.


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