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3D Modeling From Zero To Professional With 3D Max

3D Modeling From Zero To Professional With 3D Max

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Become a professional 3D modeler from scratch and start making high quality and realistic 3d models .

What you'll learn
create almost any 3d model they can imagine and also they can easily find jobs and projects about 3d modeling and start to make money . Also after this course there is another course about 3d rendering so you can start that course to increase your skills in 3d design and find better projects with more money
It's very useful to have some knowledge about 3d design and 3ds max . if you don't have any knowledge about this software , i suggest you start from the previous course which name is " Introduction to 3Ds Max " . During that course you will learn everything you need to control this software and use it .
In this course we will start to create a very high quality and realistic 3D model from zero with 3ds max. we will start with a simple box and little by little we will improve it to get our final result . In each lesson i will explain some tools which are useful for 3d modeling and also we will continue with practicing on our model . We will cover most of the different ways which we can use to create a 3d model so by the end of the course you will be able to create almost any 3d model you can imagine . I have used these techniques in many different projects over the past several years . also i will teach you how you have to think to be able to create the best quality model and also i will explain about different mistakes you may make while working as 3d designer . so hopefully by the end of this course you will be able to find projects for 3d modeling and make money . During this course we will practice a lot so you don't need any more practice to become ready , this course include around 5 hours of practicing and repeating those techniques over and over till it sits on your mind .



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