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100+ Practical Excel Formulas & Tricks- Beginner To Advanced

100+ Practical Excel Formulas & Tricks- Beginner To Advanced

Published 12/2022
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Complete Microsoft Excel Formula hand on training with Real Life Practical Examples. Learn & don’t memorize!

What you’ll learn
EFFICIENCY: Learn to work SMARTER in Ms Excel not HARDER
DONT MEMORIZE: Microsoft Excel Formulas are like Cooking. Learn the structure to write dynamic and powerful functions from 0
PRACTICAL: Learn Formula that you will use in real life (text manipulation, counting, summing, conditions, lookups)
PRO: Get Access to tips and tricks that will stay with you forever
ALL LEVELS: Get access to a well structured course that goes from NOOB to Expert / Advanced level with Dynamic Array Formulas that you find in Office 365
FUN: Straight to the point yet entertaining lectures
LIFETIME: Access to HOURS of material such as lectures, practice sheets, quizzes and others

Very basic knowledge of Excel
Preferred to have Microsoft Excel 2013+ as some features/formulas might not be available
For the advanced lessons, Excel 2021 / Office 365 to get the benefit of dynamic array formulas

Why learn Microsoft Excel Formulas: Today, Ms Excel is becoming the tool of choice in companies (in the USA alone, more than 500,000 companies actively use Excel) to be able to perform analysis and present data in a Quick way. 90%+ of the work won’t require complicated models. In addition, Excel is becoming more and more similar to tools such as Power BI, albeit with lower computing power. Learning (advanced level) Excel will help you learn the other tools quickly!Work Smarter not Harder: With the advance of technology and information, jobs are becoming more and more challenging. In addition, data and analysis are becoming more and more accessible with time. The difference in productivity between a NOOB in Excel and an advanced User is more than 10X. Imagine completing a task in 1 h vs 10h!Why this course: Formulas are the bread and butter of everything you do in Excel. You need them to perform your analysisUnlike many courses, this course teaches you how to use formulas in real life – You will see example you can relate to in addition to a selection of the most important formulas you will requireThis course teaches you how to understand formulas and not memorize them – This will enable you to use any formula in the futureCourse is designed for all levels: Whether you want to learn from scratch or deepen your understand in Excel with new Office 365 formulas, you are at the right place! 4. Curriculum – Practical Hands on Excel formulas & functions training:Formula structure, shortcuts, cell referencing and formula auditing toolsConditional operators such as IF, IFs, multiple ifs, and, OrStatistical formulas such as Sumif, averageif, random numbersLookup such as Vlookup, Hlookup, Xlookup, Offset, Choose and named rangesText manipulation functionsDate and Time functions such as Today, Now and NetworkdaysFormatting in Conditional formatting with a functionNew Dynamic Array formulas for Excel 2021 & Office 365! That will revolutionize how Excel worksMany tricks such as transposing data, and building dynamic graphs &reports 5. What you will learn:How to use the most common formulas in Excel in a practical wayHow to save time while performing your data analysisHow to build dynamic reportsNew Dynamic Array formulasHow to use formulas such as Sumproduct in unconventional waysHow to become pro at lookups with tricks such a reversed lookup, advanced lookups combining the basic index & match conceptsHow to Manipulate text like a pro which is key in data cleansingHow to play with dates to extract metrics such as Turnaround TimeHow to automate repetitive tasks with no VBA (and multiple other tricks)How to troubleshoot and fix your formulas 6. About me:Harvard MBAExtensive consulting experience with McKinsey & Co, having learned the ability to dissect problems and perform complex analysis in no time11+ years as a Vice President in a bank heading analytical and strategy teamsBuilt the whole analytics department of a 3500+ employee share services subsidiaryDegree in Computational Sciences among othersWell versed in Data and Artificial intelligence, having built chatbotsPassion for teaching Excel as a backbone to increasing productivity


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