Wingfox – Intro to Unreal Lighting

Wingfox – Intro to Unreal Lighting

Do you know the work flow for creating lights? How do static light and dynamic light work?

Do you want to acquire the skill to create fancy lights in films and games?

Start right here right now!

The instructor for this course is the senior lights artist Amit Ginni Patpatia. In this course, you will have a quick access to the work flow and techniques of creating lights in Unreal Engine 4.2. Starting from the basic theories, you will explore theories in lights and colors. After that, the instructor will explain electronic lights, point lights, static light and dynamic light based on the case Sci-fi Fortress.

Format: MP4
Vídeo : MP4 – MPEG-4, 1920 x 1080 (16: 9).
Áudio : Stereo, 48.000kHz
Duration: 10 Hours.
Software: Unreal Engine
Author: Amit Ginni Patpatia

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