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USB Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller

USB Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller

Interface PIC Microcontroller with Computer or Laptop via USB Port
Create a Visual Interface for Your System to easily Control It
Write a Code to Make PIC Microcontroller recognize USB and use it to send and receive data
Control PIC Microcontroller using USB Port and a Computer
Know how USB function and learn about it's internal structure
Write code for USB Interfacing
Embed code in the design
Program PIC Microcontroller like a champ
Understand the principles of USB Interfacing and programming in PIC Microcontrollers
Connect your PIC Microcontroller to PC or Laptop and control it using USB Interfacing
Understand basic principles of USB Interfacing

A computer to run the software
A basic knowledge in Programming in any language
Download and Install Proteus Professional (FREE & Explained inside the Course)
Download and Install MikroC Pro! (FREE & Explained inside the Course)
Download The course Material in PDF and Print them if possible
Students must have the knowledge of basic electronics
Everything you wanted to know about USB Interfacing but was too afraid to ask, or Asked without getting Answers!

This is a Step By Step Guide to USB Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller

This Bundle Consists of 39 Lecture with more than 3 hours of HD Video Content and supplementary material in which we cover every aspect of USB Interfacing including teaching you how to design, simulate and connect everything in real life, I can assure you that after this course you will be a professional in USB Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller

Why You should take this Course:

More than 3 Hour of Full HD Content

More than 5 Quizzes

Supporting Material and Example Codes

Step by step explanation of connection diagrams and coding stages

Certificate of Completion when you finish the course

Simulation and Practical lessons to Cover everything there is to know about USB

Why You Should Use USB Interfacing:

Higher speed than any conventional interfacing method

Only Four wires are used (Two PIC Microcontroller Pins are needed to connect more than 100 device via USB)

Low power consumption

Support and Libraries

Who this course is for:
Microcontrollers Geeks
Engineering students
Anyone Interested in Interfacing PIC Microcontroller with their Computer or Laptops via USB Port
Anyone Interested in Controlling Microcontrollers via Visual Interactive Interface using USB Connection
PIC Microcontroller Lovers
Technology hobbyists
Computer programmers

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