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Try Python Flask API Development 2024

Try Python Flask API Development 2024

Last updated 2/2024
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Start learning Flask API development in 2024

What you'll learn:
Confidently build Flask APIs that interact with databases.
Implement data models using SQLAlchemy.
Create well-structured and documented API endpoints.
Utilise Docker for streamlined workflow management.

No programming needed, everything will provided.

Master data creation & management with Flask APIs and a modern workflowThis project-based course delves into building a full-fledged Flask API application, empowering you to effectively create, manage, and serve dynamic data. By the end, you'll have a robust API and the hands-on skills to tackle real-world data-driven projects.What you'll learn:Solid foundations: Set up your Flask project, manage dependencies, and implement linting for professional code.Modern containerisation: Leverage Docker to manage your database (PostgreSQL) and environment variables seamlessly.Structured & scalable: Follow the Flask API factory approach for a well-organised and maintainable project structure.Powerful ORM: Utilise SQLAlchemy to map your data models to the database and ensure seamless interaction.Data modelling: Design and implement comprehensive models to represent your data entities effectively.Migrations & version control: Manage database schema changes using Alembic for a smoother workflow.API construction: Build robust API endpoints using best practices, blueprints, and data validation with Marshmallow.Comprehensive documentation: Integrate Swagger-UI to provide API documentation for easy consumption and usage.Course outline:Project Setup: Learn how to set up a Flask project, manage dependencies, and configure linting.Docker & Database: Discover containerisation with Docker, explore PostgreSQL setup, and utilise environment variables effectively.Flask API Factory: Understand the factory approach, implement the project structure, and configure the entry point.Models & Database: Dive into SQLAlchemy, design your data model, create models for various entities, and leverage Alembic for migrations.Building an API: Register blueprints, utilise Marshmallow for data validation, create your first API endpoint, and integrate Swagger-UI documentation.Who should take this course:Anyone new to Flask looking to take their first steps building an API in Flask.By the end of this course, you'll be able to:Confidently build Flask APIs that interact with databases.Design and implement data models using SQLAlchemy.Create well-structured and documented API endpoints.Utilise Docker for streamlined workflow management.Ready to create data-driven solutions with Flask APIs? Enrol today!

Who this course is for:
Anyone new to Flask looking to take their first steps building an API in Flask.


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