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Todd Brown – 17 for 1 SuperBundle

Todd Brown – 17 for 1 SuperBundle | 18.4 GB

What You Get:
"The $500 Million-Dollar Product Positioning Principle"
The "Paradoxical Switch": The Difference Between Engineering An Average Product & One That
Scales To 7 or 8 Figures. And Beyond!

Some of what you'll discover inside:
- The single, most effective way to create products and offers with "built-in success". before you ever even launch them!
- ​The critical distinction when creating a new marketing campaign: Should you begin with the product or your campaign hook? HINT: One sets you up for success, the other leaves you hamstrung.
- ​REVEALED: The biggest money-making campaigns from Agora Financial started with THIS. and it's the opposite of how average marketers think about product creation!
- The specific questions a juggernaut Chief Marketing Officer asks about his market before creating a marketing funnel! He says, "This is how we produce huge winners so often!"
- How to find hooks and marketing ideas you know in advance will drive your prospects wild to buy!
- ​The Reverse Technique to come up with home run new products or services!
- ​How to captivate the attention of any market. no matter how crowded, jaded or overexposed they may be. with the "Deep Digging" big money framework!
- ​The secret of the Product-Offer-Idea Matrix! And how to "chain them together" so your sales scale big and fast!
- ​The counterintuitive Hook/Product approach that produces higher sales conversions almost immediately!
- Agora Financial's breakthrough offer and product creation method that will change how you create every marketing campaign going forward! This can give you higher conversion rates and sales than anything you've ever tried before!
- ​.and more!

"10 Marketing Secrets Of Marketplace Mavens"
How Average Experts Use These Secrets To Engineer Celebrity Status. And Command Premium Fees
Some of what you'll discover inside:
- How to engineer your positioning so you're viewed (and treated) as a highly-respected Marketplace Maven! (This has nothing to do with content distribution.)
- ​The marketplace position even more valuable than "expert status"! You'll discover how to engineer it. and reap massive financial rewards because of it!
- ​The exact steps to engineering celebrity status in your marketplace! Do this. and sales will come easy and consistently for you.
- ​How to get your prospects knowing, talking and seeking after you so you have "pre-established influence" that allows you to convert more visitors into buyers and command higher prices!
- ​The fastest way to become a household name in your marketplace. even if you're unknown, unrecognized, or a total newbie!
- ​The $0 Cost Solution that makes your products substantially more valuable. so you can charge a lot more money for them. without having to add a single new feature or deliverable!
- ​The 3 types of "maven stories" that give your prospects and customers more insight into who you are. so they think about you. and pay more attention to you than your competitors!
- ​How to become the recognized go-to-authority in your market. without your competitors being able to do anything about it! Follow these steps. and you can quickly be your market's next popular "guru"!
- ​The two key qualities you need to identify in your market BEFORE you put your flag in ground! Miss either of these and the wrong positioning could suppress your sales.
- ​The slick and easy way to use "Self-Aggrandizement" to establish and control how your market thinks about you.
- ​How to come up with and use "miracles" and "legends" to become an attractive character to your market they will remember, desire, and race to buy from!
- ​How to engineer your "proprietary school of thought". and how to communicate it to your prospects so they want to buy from you and not your competitors!
- ​Break free of generic language and develop your "proprietary terminology" so customers immediately recognize your voice and don't just feel they're learning from you. they feel they're part of a movement!
- ​How to use "sticky idea stories" to engineer Power Positioning in a simple and memorable way that doesn't feel icky or like self-promotion!
- ​How to become a 3 dimensional character your market knows, likes and trusts! PLUS: the right way to share personal details with your prospects. while still maintaining mystery and intrigue.
- ​.and more!



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