Timothy Sykes – TIM Fundamentals Part Deux

Timothy Sykes – TIM Fundamentals Part Deux

This is the followup to the hugely popular original 6-hour TIMfundamentals DVD package, this mammoth 12 hour DVD package and 160 page instruction manual not only outlines my research process, but also includes how to dig through SEC filings (I nailed NXT Nutritional Holdings, INC. (NXTH) a week BEFORE its 60% one day drop) and even a live trade.

TIMfundamentals Part Deux (TF2) is a 12-hour, yes, 12-hour multi-disc DVD package with a 160 page instructional manual that teaches viewers how to build stock watchlists, which websites to use and which to ignore, what research matters most vs. least, and the second half encompasses a full day of trading as I buys solid, if not truly ideal, breakout play for decent profits. This is all the footage from my recent Las Vegas seminar and as I said up top, we spend an hour digging into the ugly skeletons behind NXTH that practically predicted today?s 60% drop


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