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The Content Writing Course

The Content Writing Course

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Language: English | Size: 11.4 GB | Duration: 15h 0m

Next Level Content Writing: Topic Selection, Research, Outlining, Writing, Editing & Publishing Assisted by AI Apps

What you'll learn
Discover a strategic approach to Content Writing for your own website, or for others
Understand the different types of Content Writing
Learn how to optimize your efficiency as a writer, using simple workflows and tools
Learn about and master the SEO Article Writing method
Understand which niches to pick, and which ones to avoid in order to grow your site and traffic
Master topic selection and search intent, to ensure that you are not writing in vain
Acquire an in depth understanding of which AI (Artificial Intelligence) apps can help, and which are a waste of time
Sit over my shoulder as I take a Google-optimized article all the way from keyword (topic) research all the way through to publication
Learn how to outline articles rapidly and thoroughly - a critical skill for success
Discover my own research process that saves huge amounts of time in creating original and valuable content, and in fact checking
Know the best approach to writing at high quality and speed
Acquire a clear cut editing and proofing process that saves huge amounts of time and effort
Learn the very best ways to optimize articles to stand the very best chance for Google to rank them, so that you get clicks to your website
Get clear about the best ways to structure, format, and publish articles in WordPress
Understand how to track your results simply, accurately, and for free
Although this course will be very useful even for experienced content writers, it is designed to work also for beginners
You do NOT need to be a fluent writer in English to use this course - it will show you ways to turn substandard English writing into fluent and grammatically correct English in a handful of simple steps
Nothing else is needed aside from a pen, paper, and desire to learn
This may be obvious, but those who pursue content writing for the Internet need a computer/device and Internet connection
How To Write Great Content Effortlessly

If you struggle to easily write content that ranks on Google…regardless of your expertise, this is the most important page you’ll see today.

I'll show you why in a minute.

Everybody Knows

Writing high-quality content quickly and easily that ranks on Google is next to impossible, right?


I haven't done any backlink building or ninja SEO stuff for any of my website articles, nor outsourced it to others... and I'm writing and publishing long-form high-quality articles at the rate of one per day that rank on Google! See what I'm doing differently - and how you can use the same method.


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