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The Complete Ethical Hacker Certification Exam Prep Course

The Complete Ethical Hacker Certification Exam Prep Course

Last updated 3/2021
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This Course WILL provide EVERYTHING Needed to allow you to Pass your Ethical Hacking Exam v11
What you'll learn
Master the topics needed to pass the Certified Ethical Hacker Exam from EC-Council.
Discover the why behind security administrators' work and secure your corporate and/or home-based network.
Build your career towards becoming a professional penetration tester.
Get paid for providing a valuable service for companies with sensitive data.
Lecture 161 Introduction to Sniffing
Lecture 162 Packet Sniffers, PCap & WinPcap, Wireshark, TCP Reassembly, Packetyzer
Lecture 163 TCP Dump & WinDump, Network Miner Wildpackets, Cain and Able, Passive Sniffing
Lecture 164 Active Sniffing & Methods, Switch Table Flooding
Lecture 165 Arp Cache Posioning
Lecture 166 Arp Cache Posioning Tools and Countermeasures
Lecture 167 Breaking SSL Traffic, Intercepting VoIP, Routing Protocols, RDP, Passwords and M
Lecture 168 Exercise/Assignment Breaking SSL - Preparation
Lecture 169 Exercise/Assignment Breaking SSL - Solution
Section 15: Firewalls, IDS and IPS and some New Age Protection
Lecture 170 Introduction tp Firewalls, IDS and IPS WAF
Lecture 171 Firewall - Your First Line of Defense
Lecture 172 IDS Your Second Line of Defense
Lecture 173 Web Application Firewall and Evasion Techniques'
Lecture 174 Behavioural Firewalls and IPS Systems
Section 16: Attacking Web Technologies
Lecture 175 Introduction to Web Application
Lecture 176 Common Security Threats, Need for Monitoring, SANS Seven MGT Errors
Lecture 177 Anatomy of a Web Attack, Web Attack Techniques, Typical Web App Componets
Lecture 178 Logs Cancanolization and Other Attacks
Lecture 179 Web App Scanner, HTTrack,HTTPrint, Proxies
Lecture 180 Directory Traversal & Other Common Vulnerabilties
Lecture 181 XSS Demo and Countermeasures
Lecture 182 Common Ways to Attack Web Technologies, Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Lecture 183 Cross Site Request Forgery
Lecture 184 Cookies and Session Management
Lecture 185 OWASP Top 10
Section 17: So Your Ready To Take Your Test
Lecture 186 So your Ready To Take Your Test 1?
Lecture 187 So Your Ready To Take Your Test 2?
Section 18: Bonus Section
Lecture 188 Backing Up our Veracrypt Storage Enclosure for Saftey
Anyone who wants to pass the Certified Ethical Hacker Exam and become responsible for securing a home or enterprise network,This course is a good fit for aspiring professional pen testers-including system administrators or IT professionals interested in making a career change. Current professional pen testers will be too advanced for this course.,This course is best suited for those who operate with or have privileged access in their company's network. You'll learn about the latest security vulnerabilities and how to protect your assets.,People who are interested in hands-on learning and developing their own protection solutions will benefit the most from this course. If you're the type of person who likes taking things apart to see how they work, then you'll love this course.


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