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The 2D Basics of the AutoCAD Software Package

The 2D Basics of the AutoCAD Software Package

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Go from Level 1 Beginner to Level 10 Advanced in 2D AutoCAD by Creating Beginner to Advanced 2D Plans!

What you'll learn
Confidently Navigate the AutoCAD User Interface
Save Time By Applying Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks.
Accurately Draw and Modify Beginner to Advanced 2D Plans
Completely Document and Dimension Basic to Advanced 2D Plans
Use Layers and Object Properties, such as Line Color, Line Weights and Line Types.
Draw Using Absolute, Relative and Polar Coordinates as well as using Dynamic Input
Draw Lines, Construction Lines, Circles, Rectangles, Polylines and Polygons
Modify Using Move, Copy, Trim, Extend, Mirror, Stretch, Rotate, Array, Offset, Fillet, Chamfer
Understand the difference between all major AutoCAD tools and when to apply them.
Learn to follow a smooth work flow by thinking and applying rather than copying or simply recreating.
AutoCad 2013 to 2023 All Applicable.
A PC or Laptop with preferably Windows 7/10/11. Mac is similar, but not the same.
Welcome! My name is Joe McGovern and I'm a high school teacher of Architecture, Engineering and Design. I am also a project manager at a local Architecture firm. In this beginner to advanced 2D course, I will start off by showing you how to easily navigate the User Interface. This includes use of the command line, 3 coordinate systems of input, tool location, shortcuts, tips and tricks. The following tools will be extensively reviewed throughout the course; Line, Polyline, Rectangle, Circle, Move, Copy, Trim, Extend, Dimensioning, DDIM, Stretch, Rotate, Mirror, Array, Offset, Fillet, Chamfer, Line Colors, Line Weights, Line Types, use of Layers and many more! You will build the skills necessary to accurately depict 2D plans in this beginner to advanced order; Title Block, Line Types, Triangle Summary, Inlaid Linoleum (4-44), Field, Pacman, Fireplace, Door & Window, Furniture and iPhone. I will not only show you how to draw these assignments, but I will teach you my work flow, my thought process and all the tips and tricks I've learned over the 20 years I've been studying Architecture and AutoCAD. Join my course and follow along to take your 2D AutoCAD skills from the Beginner to Advanced level. Thank you and enjoy the course!


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