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Siemens TIA Portal for S7-1200 PLC Programming(PLC-SCADA-10)

Siemens TIA Portal for S7-1200 PLC Programming(PLC-SCADA-10) | 12.8 GB

What you’ll learn
Basic Programming in Siemens TIA Portal
Working of Tags, Latching And Unlatching, Interlocking, Move Operations, Comparator Operations, Math Functions, Timer and Counter in TIA Portal.
Program Control Function in Siemens TIA Portal.
Word Logic Operation in Siemens TIA Portal.
Shift and Rotate Instruction in Siemens TIA Portal.
You will be enriched with the latest technical knowledge related with the industrial automation.
Students can establish their career in various manufacturing industries like Oil and Gas, Water/Waste Water Treatment, food & Beverages, Power Plants, Manufacturing

Students are supposed to be familiar with Desktop/Laptop.
No other prerequisites for this course, Because instructor will teach everything from scratch.

Learn wiring, Programming and Installation of Siemens S7-1200 PlC with Siemens TIA(Total Integrated Automation Software)

The industrial world is facing many technologies changes which increased the urgent demand for the premium quality products and services that can only be supplied by a high level of productivity. This requirement needs process engineering systems, automated manufacturing, and industrial automation. Hence industrial automation plays a key role in solving the requirements of companies.

Automation Engineer design, program, simulate and test automated machinery and process in order to complete exact tasks.

PlC is used in the fully automated industries or plants or process, the actual process handled and controlled by the controllers which are nothing but the programming logic controllers that means plc plays a very important role in automation section.

So as an Industrial automation engineer it’s mandatory that one should have the knowledge of PLC Wiring, Installation and Programming.

This Course is designed for both fresher and experienced automation engineers. Fresher can kick start their career as an Industrial Automation Engineer and experienced can enhance their knowledge in this domain (TIA Portal for Siemens S7-1200 PLC).

We are using Siemens S7-1200 PLC along with Siemens TIA (Total Integrate Automation)software for Programming and we have simulated industrial projects with the Factory IO.

Who this course is for:
Students who are pursuing or having Masters/ Bachelor’s Degree /Diploma in EC/EE/EEE/EI Branches.
Working Professionals are also invited to join this course to enhance their knowledge in Industrial Automation.
Maintenance Engineers.
Application Engineers.
PLC Programmers.


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