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Rigging And Animating Psds In Moho Pro

Rigging And Animating Psds In Moho Pro

MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.15 GB | Duration: 3h 39m

Rig and animate image based characters designed in other software
What you'll learn
Properly Rig a Character
Create Bone Dynamics that Link to a Smart Warp Mesh
Apply Subtle Head Turns with Smart Actions
Animate and Polish a Short Scene
A copy of Moho Pro (Anime Studio Pro 11 or lower will not be able to open project files)
Basic understanding of the tools, features and timeline of Moho Pro
With Moho, you can import images or Photoshop Documents, add bones and create detailed rigs for 2D animation. This process can be different from rigging vector based characters. This course showcases all the important steps needed to effectively rig a PSD for Moho animation. More specifically, you will learn how to:Set up layer structure for a characterReduce PSD file sizeSet up body bones appropriatelyCreate dynamic hair movement using Smart Warp meshes and special bone propertiesControl the face using a series of dialsCreate head turns using a Smart Warp meshPolish and correct rigging issuesApply animation with an image based rigExport animations out of Moho
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 What You Will Learn in this Course
Section 2: Preparing Your Character for Rigging
Lecture 2 Designing Your Character
Lecture 3 Reducing File Size with Photoshop Script
Lecture 4 Reducing File Size Through Layer Exporting
Lecture 5 Importing Character PSD into Moho
Section 3: Rigging Your Character
Lecture 6 Adding Main Bones
Lecture 7 Binding Image Layers with Smooth Joint
Lecture 8 Correcting with Constraints
Lecture 9 Anchoring with Target Bones
Section 4: Adding Dynamic Hair Movement
Lecture 10 Assigning Head Pieces to Layer
Lecture 11 Creating Bones for Hair
Lecture 12 Creating Smart Warp Mesh for Hair Strands
Lecture 13 Creating Smart Warp Mesh for Back Hair
Lecture 14 Applying Hair Meshes to Side View
Lecture 15 Applying Meshes to Front View
Section 5: Adding Face Controls
Lecture 16 Creating an Optional Eye Switch
Lecture 17 Re-drawing and Masking the Eyes
Lecture 18 Adding Controller for Pupils
Lecture 19 Controlling Eyebrows with a Dial
Lecture 20 Creating Blink Dial
Section 6: Creating Subtle Head Turns
Lecture 21 Creating a Mesh for Subtle Head Tilts
Lecture 22 Linking Layers Appropriately
Lecture 23 Adding Smart Dials for the Head Tilts
Section 7: Wrapping Up
Lecture 24 Adding Controls to Other Head Phases
Lecture 25 Polishing the Character
Lecture 26 Creating the Main Poses for Animation
Lecture 27 Finishing Animation with Lip Syncing
Lecture 28 Exporting Your Animation
Lecture 29 Final Thoughts
Animators looking to rig characters that are made up of rasterized images in Moho,Students new to rigging characters in Moho



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