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Rhino Beginner’s course: Designing a Villa

Rhino Beginner's course: Designing a Villa

Published 7/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 26 Lectures ( 8h 33m ) | Size: 7.5 GB

Learn the basics of rhino with a simple and practical project

What you'll learn:
learn how to best use rhino throughout an architectural project
complete all steps of the design including modeling, rendering, 2d drafting, annotation and print in rhino
learn the most essential and practical commands and abilities in rhino as a beginner
learn how to become faster and more efficient in design by choosing the best combination of commands

no prior experience required. we start from the very beginning.

in this course, you learn the basics of rhino by following the design process of a modern villa step by step. the course is designed to be simple yet comprehensive, and gives you a holistic knowledge on how to use rhino for an architectural project. specifically, you'll learn about the following topics on a beginner's level:- modeling architectural elements like walls, openings, railings, stairs, landscape, etc.- better management of the process using layers and blocks- creating and editing materials- populating the scene with objects using several methods- using several different techniques for lighting and rendering- several ways to make 2d drawings from the model- preparing the project for printing and ensuring correct annotation size and scale- optimizing the viewport speed and file sizethese topics are introduced as we encounter design challenges during the process, and the best method is chosen based on speed and ease of use. since we cover the entire design process and try different methods, some videos are slightly longer than usual but i have not shortened them to preserve quality over short video time. hopefully, after this course, you'll know the most essential commands and abilities of rhino to design an architectural project, and are able to choose the best and fastest combination of commands for every step. finally, the deeper insight of rhino's abilities gained though the practical project can enable you to search and learn newer and more complex aspects of rhino a lot faster and easier in your journey to master rhino.*all videos are complemented with the project file up to that point and additional objects used in the video. if you want to open the completed project file before proceeding, it is recommended to watch the second half of the lecture titled "Optimization" to fix missing textures.

Who this course is for:
anyone with an intereset in design specially architects and students who want to see rhino used in practice.


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