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Ramit Sethi Breakthrough Launch

Ramit Sethi Breakthrough Launch

Hey ,
I've got a weird obsession with master craftspeople.
I love stories of companies making $650 socks out of wool so fine it can't be dyed without destroying it. Or a doctor who hired a coach to watch all of his surgeries and critique his style. Or a restaurant that's only open 2 months a year because they refuse to serve any ingredient they didn't grow themselves.

As a business owner, you sometimes feel like you have to focus on the 80/20 wins - maximizing your profit while spending as little time as possible on any project.
But I don't want to run that kind of business.
When it comes to the important stuff like talking to our customers (I read every single email that readers send me) or creating world-class products, I don't want to cut corners and make something that's just "good enough."
Which is why I'm emailing you today, .
For the past year, my team and I have been working on a course called Breakthrough Launch.
It takes everything we've learned running dozens of 6- and 7-figure product launches over the last few years and distills it into an 8-week playbook to take your launch revenue from $5,000 per launch to $50,000. Or from $50,000 to $250,000.
But, before we release it to the public, I want to make sure it's the single best product on the market. So last night, I opened up a 100-seat private beta of Breakthrough Launch.
Everyone in the beta program will get lifetime access to all current and revised course content, including:

- The exact system we used to run thirteen different 6- and 7-figure launches in 2016. Most companies IWT's size can only manage 3-4 launches in a calendar year. We'll show you how to do 1 a month without killing yourself.
- How to create an irresistible, mouthwatering promise that has your audience running to find their credit card.
- The right way to use scarcity to get people to buy now (without being pushy or sleazy).
- The 5 essential elements of a great sales page - every sales page that's made more than $100,000 shares these 5 elements.
- The truth about pricing: How to find the perfect price for your product or service.
- And so much more.

PLUS everyone in the program will get exclusive access to 6 weekly group training calls with me to go over the material, ask any questions you have, and get feedback on the launch plans for your business.
That kind of attention is something you normally pay $10,000+ to get in a small group mastermind or individual coaching program.
But as part of this private immersion program, you'll actually get it for less than the retail cost of Breakthrough Launch once it's open to the general public. (It's our small thank you for helping refine the program - not to mention the only way to get a discount on one of our flagship products.)
When we open up beta programs like this, 90% of the spots get taken by our top students, often in a matter of hours.
But we wanted to save 10% of the seats for people who have never bought one of our courses before.

Because we want to make sure that each product stands 100% on its own - that it works even if you've never been through another one of our courses to help lay the groundwork.
That way we can guarantee that we only sell proven, battle-tested products to our customers.
I'd like to invite you to claim one of those ten spots , but before I do I want to make one thing clear.
This program isn't going to involve a lot of emotional handholding. It's not a therapy session to deal with people's insecurities about running a product launch. And I don't want to hear any complaining about the choice of font in a PDF or the cinematic quality of the course videos. This is a beta program. You're getting a behind-the-scenes look at a work in progress.
It's meant for the kind of person who understands the value of this offer.
Someone who understands the value of this program is in the live Q&A calls and group workshops with me and my team - which is something most businesses would kill to have access to.
Someone who is ready to get down to business and wants to run a $10,000-$100,000 launch within the next year.

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