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Phonics Level 1-3 (Full)

Phonics Level 1-3 (Full)

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What you'll learn
Learn the 42 common sounds. Learn to blend the 42 sounds to make words. Learn to recognize the 42 sounds through dictation. Learn to spell the blended sounds. Will be nurtured to lead the class in group activities such as spelling and reading. Learn to teach in a class room setting or online setting. Learn to teach others. TESOL certification given after training.
English should be his/her Native language or 2nd language. Other than being a Native speaker or 2nd language user, no courses or prerequisites required.

Our whole package for Phonics includes 3 levels. In each level, there are 10 lessons, 1 midterm and 1 final. Upon finishing the first 5 lessons, a midterm is taken to determine whether the person can move ahead to the next few lessons. After all 10 lessons have been finished, the person needs to take a final, including all the material learnt in the past 10 lessons. Lastly, once all Phonics levels have been finished, the person, i.e. student or teacher, may move onto the next course, Spelling, which has 2 levels.


Learn the 42 common sounds

Learn to blend the 42 sounds to make words

Learn to recognize the 42 sounds through dictation

Learn to spell the blended sounds through weekly revision


Teachers will be able to build their foundational structure on all phonetic sounds academically. Not only that, our courses are tailor made by our chairman, Tommy Tam, in which Phonics is taught in a completely different way. Normally educational institutions teach from the left to the right. However, we teach Phonetic sounds from the right to the left to help create a more structural base for students. Instructors who are interested may start the course after completing all the course, you may receive a certificate as well as a chance to work to work for TAEASLA as an Academic English Instructor.

Who this course is for:
Instructors or students looking to expand their skills as well as teach.

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