Mood & Food Relieve stress, anxiety & depression naturally

Mood & Food Relieve stress, anxiety & depression naturally

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AND boost your immune system at this crucial time

What you’ll learn

How to boost your immune system and relieve stress during the Coronavirus pandemic
Consume foods which help you deal with stress, anxiety and depression naturally
Boost your body’s immunity to infection with some easy food choices
Recover natural vitality and energy that you may not have enjoyed for years
Improve skin tone and reduce signs of ageing and stress
Enjoy better sleep and feel more refreshed when you wake up


Just a willingness to put some simple new ideas into practice, so you’ll experience the benefits in 21 days or less


With this course, you’ll be able to relieve stress, anxiety and depression naturally. You’ll also learn how to boost your immunity to infection, including Coronavirus / COVID-19

Benefits you’ll derive from the course:

Choose foods which help you to deal with anxiety and depression at source

Feel that you are taking control of your symptoms for the first time

Boost your body’s immunity to infection, including Coronavirus / COVID-19

Recover natural vitality and energy that you may not have enjoyed for many years

Improve your skin tone and reduce signs of aging and stress

Enjoy deeper and more restorative sleep

Course objectives:

· Appreciate how food choices can boost your mood and reduce stress levels

· Gain an awareness of the simple science behind these choices & their impact on your brain & body health

· Understand the benefits you can typically expect within about 21 days

This is what others have to say:

“I only started implementing some of these changes a few weeks ago and am already noticing changes , particularly with regards to my energy in the morning and losing some weight/inches!!! I am starting to feel more positive in general and am sure that it is this course which is helping me in this way.

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to find out more about how food can help depressionxiety/stress”. Judith Gardner

“I thought I already knew quite a bit about nutrition and it’s impact on mood/stress however this course has given me new things to think about and experiment with in my diet. So far what I’ve tried has had a positive effect on my mood and my stress levels. I don’t feel quite so depleted/exhausted, which is excellent as it’s only been a couple of weeks. I like the way the content is broken down into small videos so you don’t need to carve out a big chunk of time of be able to benefit from the content, that was super helpful for me”. Jo

Why did I create the course and what’s the big vision?

After an episode of severe depression in 2006, I spent 5 weeks in a psychiatric hospital and was on heavy doses of medication for 3 years. Whilst in hospital, I resolved never to repeat the experience and set about learning everything I could about how to deal with stress, anxiety and depression naturally.

I realised that a typical western diet and lifestyle are the primary causes of stress, anxiety and depression. It’s my life mission to change perceptions and make a real difference in this area.

I very much look forward to being able to help you personally.


What will you receive with this course?

I want you to get great results fast, so the course includes:

– Ten video lessons, plus bonus lessons titled “A New Understanding of Stress”

– Video lessons are also available as audio files for easy access

– Notes, additional resources and downloads to accompany lessons

– A PDF copy of my latest book “Fit for Business Extended Edition: How to deal with stress & enjoy a healthy work life balance” (value £12.99)

– Free access to our private “Mood & Food” Community on Facebook, if you’d find the additional support helpful

– An optional free 30-minute 1:1 consultation with the course tutor, Andrew Bridgewater using the Zoom online platform

Who this course is for:

This course will benefit anyone who suffers with, or has previously suffered from severe stress, anxiety or depression

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