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MIRO For Product Owners Scrum Masters and Business Analysts

MIRO For Product Owners Scrum Masters and Business Analysts

Published 8/2023
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Learn how to Brainstorm, Workshop, Run SCRUM events, develop Product Strategy and more with MIRO Digital white boards

What you'll learn
You will learn how Product Owners and Business Analysts use MIRO
You will learn the Key Features and Functionality of MIRO
How to get yourself set up on MIRO for free
Learn about Strategy, Scrum, Analysis, Workshopping and Brainstorming based template with live demos on how to use them
Learn about advanced MIRO features
Learn about the basics of getting started with MIRO

There are no Requirements to take this course it is intended for beginners through to people well versed with MIRO who are looking to get more out of it

This course has been created to help you become a Pro using MIRO, the Digital whiteboarding tool. Whether you’re a Product Owner, Business Analyst, Scrum Masters or simply someone who is working within SCRUM and needs to know how to use the tool and the typical templates for these roles.MIRO itself provides great guidance to get started, but where do you go then? Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Business Analysts have a wide range of activities they need to complete in their broad roles that MIRO is ideal for.MIRO has 100’s of pre created templates you can use, for free, meaning modern PO’s, SM’s and BA’s can get huge value out of the resources available in MIRO. But the trick is How do I use MIRO to help me in my day to day job? This course looks to solve this problem by providing you with curated templates ideal for these roles, with full demoed of how to use each, recorded within MIRO itself. The course digs into the basics of using MIRO, navigating its key features and functionality, before moving through the templates that will help you succeed in your role, including:Workshopping/Brainstorming - Lean Canvas - Storymapping- Brainstorming - IcebreakersScrum- Retrospective- Refinements- Estimation- User Story Mapping Analysis & Design- Process Mapping- Root Cause Analysis- Personas- WireframingStrategy- Product Roadmaps- OKR’s- Vision Decomposition Diagrams On top of this the course gives you insights into advanced MIRO features like exporting your work, Integrating it’s backlogs and more. The demos within these lectures give you hand on knowledge of not only how to find these templates, but how to use them in your role as well, setting you up for success in your next workshops, strategy session and more. - Frequently Asked QuestionsDo you use MIRO?YES! I‘ve used MIRO for the last 5 years and use it everyday in my role now as a Product Owner and before as a Business Analyst. Can what I learn here be useful when using other digital whiteboarding tools?Absolutely! Although this course uses MIRO, the techniques are completely transferable between tools, and many similar templates will be available on those tools as well. Does this course contain everything I need to use MIRO?Yes, this course contains detailed steps to take you from being an absolute beginner in MIRO to an Expert. Including:The basics of using MIROs features Workshopping/Brainstorming templates and how to use themScrum templates and how to use themAnalysis/Design templates and how to sue themStrategy templates and how to use themAdvanced MIRO FeaturesThese sections are structured across over 35 lectures to give you the detail, knowledge and techniques to feel confident when using these templates and this tool in your day job. Ok, so there's a lot there, do I need to do everything in the course to be able to use MIRO?No not at all, you can pick and choose based on the needs for your tole. With lifetime access you can come back for refreshers at any time.I'm stuck or have additional questions, can I ask a few things?Of course, I created this course help Product Owners, Scrum Master, Business Analysts and more get maximum value from this great tool. Please feel free to use the Q&A feature to reach out and I’ll answer any questions you may have.- Is this course for you?This course is for you if you are:New to MIRO and want to improve your skills and knowledgeA Product Owner, Business Analyst or Scrum Master looking to use MIRO to help support them in their day jobAre unsure MIRO can help you in your roleLooking to improve your marketability to recruiters when looking for a new role - What you can expectOngoing support with any questions and queries you may have High quality lectures that you can take in or out of order to support your style of learning Updates based on feedback and new developments within MIRO


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