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MERN Stack MongoDB Node Express & React + Redux-Toolkit

MERN Stack MongoDB Node Express & React + Redux-Toolkit

Published 05/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 120 lectures (12h 19m) | Size: 6.54 GB

Build and Deploy MERN Stack Tour App with MongoDB, Express, React, Redux-Toolkit, Node and Socket IO on Heroku & Netlify

What you’ll learn
Learn to build Full Stack Application from Scratch
Implement Email and Google Authentication
Learn to upload image with React Node/Express
Learn how to connect React with Node Express and MongoDB
Learn to use Redux-Toolkit to manage App State
Learn JWT for Authentication & Authorization
Implement Route Protection in React
Learn to write REST API
Learn to use Socket IO for real time notification
Learn to Integrate Disqus Comment System
Search, Pagination, Like, Filter, Infinite Scroll and many more feature
Learn to use MDBootstrap 5 in React
Learn how to deploy MERN App on Heroku and Netlify

Basic HTML, CSS and Javascript
Basic React JS
Basic ES6 Understanding
Good to have Node & Express Basics

Welcome to this Ultimate MERN Stack Web Development course. In this course, we will build Full Stack Tour application with the help of MongoDB, Node, Express, React, Redux-Toolkit, Socket IO along with ES6 . This project will have almost all the essential features that you wanted to add in any Full Stack Web application including

Authentication feature.

Login with Email/Password and Google Sign-in.

JWT authentication with token expiry.

Middleware to protect User data.

CRUD feature along with Image Upload, Search, Filter, Pagination, Like, Infinite Scroll and many more.

Used Redux-Toolkit to manage application state.

Used createAsyncThunk to make backend API request.

Route Protection on Client side.

Socket IO to get real time notificiation when user like tour.

Seperate profile page along with update feature.

Integrated Disqus Comment system in application.

Used MDBootstrap 5 to make React component as well as App responsive.

Deploying Backend on Heroku.

Deploying Frontend on Netlify.

Note:- This is single project based course to teach you MERN stack techonology. So, this is not something like ‘Introduction to Node/Express’ or ‘Introduction to React’. I will try my level best to explain everything that I am going to write in code editor. So, it’s recommend to have some basic understand of React & Node/Express.

Who this course is for
Anyone who want to build and deploy full Stack MERN Application from Scratch.


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