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Korean for Beginner 2

Korean for Beginner 2

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Language: English | Size: 9.17 GB | Duration: 7h 6m

Teacher In-young will help you speak Korean like a native.

What you'll learn
You can learn Korean at the beginner level.
You can do simple conversations and writing in everyday life.
Can read Korean alphabet (Hangeul)
Sarlang provides 1:1 online Korean education service to improve your Korean skills. You can take 1:1 real-time online Korean class on any date and time you want. You can take the class about the subject you want. You can take a Korean class from a tutor that you want. Study Korean through video lectures recorded for a certain period of time. You can select the course&tutor you want by watching a sample Korean class video. Because it is a Video Class, you can listen at any time you want.There are Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 course. Each course consists of 20 lessons, from Korean Alphabets (vowels, consonants) for first-time learners. There also introduce 80 grammars must needed for beginner learner.The course introduces and explains in detail the basic grammar and vocabulary system. After completing the Beginner course, students can practice basic Korean communication and writing in everyday life.Beginner's course  Target audience: - Beginner-level foreign and Korean learners who can read and write Korean alphabet - Learners interested in Korean language and culture  Purpose of learning -You can do simple conversations and writing in everyday life.  Learning features -It is composed of essential vocabulary and grammar centering on the topics you need to know! -Speaking practice is organized in stages, so you can practice speaking more! -Translated into English, Vietnamese, and Chinese, it is easy for learners from the country to study! -You can review it with a workbook! Teacher's message:Hello:) I am your Korean teacher Inyoung! I do speak Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. As a multilingual speaking instructor, I know how difficult it is to learn a language, but I want you to enjoy learning Korean with me. Let's talk & have fun!

Who this course is for
Students who want to learn Korean. Students preparing for TOPIK Lv.1~2 exam,All the Learners who are interested in Korean language and culture.


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